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Re:Radha and Rukmini

From: gururaj rao (
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 06:33:08 PST

Dear Sri Malolan Cadambi
I have read with great interest your arguments
seperating Radha from Mahalakshmi (Rukmini).
I definitely agree with you that Radha is not the
awatar of Lakshmi and Radha can no where
be compared to Rukmini. Being a Madhwa
Brahmin I share your views.
But if Smt. Kalaivani sees Rukmini in Radha,
and hence finds her to be beautifull, please
let her go ahead, I feel there is nothing wrong in

But by and large Radha is more popularly heard of
being associated with Sri Krishna especially in the
North India. Even people from ISKCON give
more importance to Radha then Rukmini.
Eventhough I donot fully agree with the ideology
of ISKCON, I have lot of respect for there
achievements in promoting Bhagawad Gita
and Bhagawatham in the western countries.
I have great respect for Srilila Prabhupada,
who single handedly spread Krishna devotion
in the Western countries. Eventoday the 
followers of ISKCON donot shy in wearing
traditional Indian dress, they shave there heads
and have Shika, and put Gopi Chandanam.
How great these people are.
Eventhough I donot follow Sri Sankaracharya,
I have great respect for him. He was
a great Saint who arrested the growth
of Buddhism and preached the Supremacy
of Vedas. 
Please correct me if I am wrong .
Somewhere you have mentioned Dwaitas
donot consider Krishna as God head.
I beg to differ from you on this. Dwaitas
definitely consider Sri Krishna as an 
Avatar of Sri Narayan and also without
any doubt the God ahead.

I sincerely feel we should always see
good things in other faiths. 

Kindly execuse me if I am wrong

Sri KrishnArpana Mastu
NS Gururaj

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