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query from sobha

From: gururaj rao (
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 12:13:24 PST

I have read with great interest your predicament
whether eating alone is a sin. I myself am not aware
whether it is a sin or not.
I am not a Pandit to give direct answer to 
your question ,since I donot have any immediet
access to any Sanskrit writings form the Scriptures,
to prove my point.
But I can tell you, we have to live with the
circumstances in which we are, and beg
the almighty Lord Vishnu to protect us
and give us peace of mind.
I will give you a classic example wherein
a person is in a predicament and how he faces
things as they come.
You all know the great PitAmaha Bhishma
in Mahabharatha. He is a great Devotee
of lord Sri Krishna. He knows he is doing
wrong by fighting alongside Duryodhana,
and that too against Pandavas, who had the
full support of Lord Krishna. He is in a great
predicament, but yet he fights.But ultimately
due to his Bhakthi to Lord Krishna, he is
forgiven for his wrong doings by the Lord.    
Ultimately Bhakthi is what that matters,
and total surrender to the Lord Vishnu,
will give us peace of mind and show us
the right way.
What ever you do in life good or bad (due to
circumstances) say KrsihnArpana and proceed. In short
KrsihnArpana means offering to God whatever we do.
Afterall whatever takes place is preordained
and with Hari Ichha ( with the wishes of 
lord Sri Hari). 

NS Gururaj

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