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Re: Query

From: Madhavan (
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 12:37:46 PST


I will try to answer some of your questions, primarily to test out my own
concepts. I would request the more learned membersof the group to
correct me if I am off the mark.

"bath sobha" <>wrote
>  It is not uncommon to find a person(male or female)
> devoted to Sri  Vaishnavism and residing either in
> India or abroad is forced to live a single life by
> virtue of circumstances or job. I have read in one of
> the e-mails in these columns that it is a great sin to
> cook and eat alone.The above mentioned people are
> compelled to eat and cook alone for majority of their
> time in the house.If such a living is a dosham, is
> there any  method  for eg. spiritually that is advocated in the
> saastras to circumvent the dosham.?

"bhungcate  te tvagham pApA ye pachanti  AtmakAraNAt"- BG III.13
Those who cook for themselves eat only sin.

I think this is what you are referring to. What is really meant is that we
should return to society a part of all that we have gained from it. To try
and keep or hoard our riches, without  giving back anything in return is
It is a metaphor on ethics which need not be taken literally. Everyone
has to devote a part of ones time, wealth and abilities to serve others in

>  Will serving cooked food to birds or other
> animals before such a person sits down to eat can be
> considered as a solution to the problem?

Not really.
 " tairduttan apradAyaibhyoh yo bhungthe stena eva cha" - BG III.12
(He who enjoys what was given by them, without returning it is verily a
 If we look at this line closely, the strong language suggests that society
has a right
to a share of our, shall we say, " gains". So charity is not a matter of
volition.It is obligatory.
Therefore parting with a pittance is not the answer.
We are to retain only what we really need and return the rest to society in
the form of service and charity.

"vaisnava jana to tene re kahiye je peed parAyi jAne re
  para dukhe upkAr kare so ye man abhimAn na Anere"

( Only he who understands the suffering of others can be called a Vaishnava
  He will help others in distress without conceit. )


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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