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Image of Sri Nampillai's handwritten manuscript?

From: Shreyas Sarangan (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 16:45:56 PST


"...Commentary on the Mudal Tiruvandadi of Poigai
Alvar (100 Tamil verses), PROBABLY BY NAMPILLAI. "

"...Extremely large, exquisitely preserved palm-leaf
manuscript from the Government Oriental Manuscript
Library in Chennai, India. More than 200 large
palm-leaf pages. South-Indian variety, incised,
We would like to present another first edition of a
hitherto unpublished text, thanks to Prof. M. A.
Venkatakrishnan, University of Chennai. We also thank
the Government Oriental Manuscript Library, Chennai,
for permission to digitise this significant text. For
a preview, please click here..."
of text

Other interesting manuscripts including
the Tattva-viveka of Sri Pillai Lokacarya

Gadyatrayam, and photos of Melkote Sanskrit Academy,
are available on the website.

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