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From: Mohan T L (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 04:25:43 PST

Hari Hari,


I do not know how far what I am telling is right or
not. But this is my perception. At some point in life,
almost everyone may come across questions like these.
Probably there are no answers for these that can be
told just like that. As a soul gets elevated and
elevated and elevated ...... by Bhakti, answers to all
these types of questions become our experiences (i.e.
Anubhavams). That is what experienced by all our
Aachaaryaas and Saadhus (in particular, all of them
were born with Anubhavams). Anubhavams cannot be put
through words as they are, they will have to be just
undergone. There are various ways defined for the same
like Karma Yoga, Gnyaana Yoga etc. for the same. But
the speciality of this Kali Yuga is that the same
Anubhavams would be blessed upon on us by
ShreemanNaarayanan just because of Naamasankeertanam,
Harikathaashravanam. But, the true Bhakti (premai for
the ShreemanNaarayanan) would not aim at having this
Anubhavam also as the phalam. The Prema Bhakti towards
ShreemanNaarayanan itself is the Saadhanam and Phalam

Logically thinking, the capacity of our Buddhi
(intellect) is very limited and one should not try to
reason or understand (i.e. logically) the infinite
(ShreemanNaaraayanan) with this alpa buddhi (i.e.
limitied intellect). It is just like trying to fill a
small pot with all the water from an Ocean. It just
cannot happen.

Karunaamayi ShreemanNaaraayan would anytime give us
all those Anubhavams. But to repeat, as a true Prema
Bhaktan, we should not be looking at that Phalam
(result) (i.e. Anubhavam) also. Also, more important
is, it is ShreemanNaaraayan who would be happier in
giving us all those Anubhavams than we being happy in
enjoying all those Anubhavams.

Summary : I do not find it / feel it to be right to
logically thinking and reasoning and trying to find
answers to these types of doubts that we keep getting.
I feel that it is impossible for the reason mentioned
above. I feel that we just need to concentrate on
always orienting ourselves towards ShreemanNaaraayan
and his happiness.

Adiyen's aparaadhams in this mail may kindly be
excused by the learned Bhaagavathaas of the list.

Hari Hari

> Dear Sir,
> Hari Bol
> Did we exist along with God as individual souls on
> the spiritual 
> planets or were we created by God?
> Are we God's expansions and if God expanded Himself
> to create us ? 
> What was his purpose in doing so . Was God Alone
> before the souls 
> were expanded or created?
> If we were created, then for what purpose and why do
> we have to 
> suffer so much even when we are trying to be good.
> Why do sometimes the thinking comes that it is very
> hard to 
> continuosly act ( do some work in devotion or do
> some fruitive work) 
> and the best type of realization is impersonal
> realization.
> Please enlighten me on these matters.
> I am sorry for any mistakes made.
> Please excuse me for the same .
> Hare Krishna 
> Hari Bol

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