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From: bath sobha (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 23:24:16 PST

Respected Members of the group,

 Namo Narayanaya,

   I shall be very thankful if elders and learned
members of the group could clarify my following query:

 It is not uncommon to find a person(male or female)
devoted to Sri  Vaishnavism and residing either in
India or abroad is forced to live a single life by
virtue of circumstances or job. I have read in one of
the e-mails in these columns that it is a great sin to
cook and eat alone.The above mentioned people are
compelled to eat and cook alone for majority of their
time in the house.If such a living is a dosham, is
there any
method  for eg. spiritually that is advocated in the
saastras to circumvent the dosham.?

 (2)  Will serving cooked food to birds or other
animals before such a person sits down to eat can be
considered as a solution to the problem?
 (3) Are such single people permitted to do dhyana,
puja considering the fact that no other person lives
with him/her?

 Thanking one and all ,

                  With pranamams,

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