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Re: poems by all: 4

From: Lakshmikumar (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 09:47:50 PST

SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:

Dear Sow. Kalaivani,

namO nArAyaNa!

Thanks for your devotional service by posting the
poems of various poets.

Some of the songs by devotees of non-SrI-vaishnava
sampradAya, although they are sung on SrI krishnA,
have stories / philosophies that are not substantiated
by the shAstrAs (vEdic scriptures).

For instance, the poem you just posted has
informations that contradicts the vEdAs. aDiyEn is
sure that the members knowledgable in vEdAs will more
write about this.

> 4. Though youthful goddesses adored by all adore the
> goddess Sri,
> She lacks Sri Radha's beauty, youth, and every other
> quality.
> So when it comes to lovers' sports, with Radha no
> can compete . . .
> May Radhika bestow on me the service of Her lotus
> feet.

The above can at best be named as "blasphemy" against
vEdAs. The statements made in that poem are found
nowhere in the vEdAs. In fact, as per vEdAs, Goddess
SrI is the Supreme Goddess, She is asEsaha
jagadhIsithrI ( the ruler of the all worlds). She has
everything in full and if you don't find something in
Her, you can simply not find it in others. 

Please read aDiyEn's previous post, and follow the
link in that mail to read the bakthi-list archives on
SrI Stuti of the great achArya, SwAmi vedAnta dESikar
translated by SrIman Muralidhar swAmi.
Also please read the "SrI Guna rathna kOsam" postings
of SrIman sadagOpan swAmi to get the clear
understanding of the nature of SrI.

1.  MAnAteeta PratitavibhavAm Mangalam MangalAnAm 
    Vaksha: PEtEm MadhuvijayinO BhushayantIm SvakAntyA
    PratyakshAnushravikamahimaprArthinInAm PrajAnAm
    ShreyOmUrthir ShriyamasharaNastvAm SharaNyam
PrapadyE II

The Vedams are the foremost of the foremost. That
auspicious one, whose MahimA confers auspiciousness to
all, even that which is beyond the Vedams,  who is
resident in the heart of BhagavAn Vishnu who killed
the Asura named Madhu, and bestows it with radiance, 
She who blesses the recantors of the Vedas with
lasting fame and wealth, She who lives in her Murth
Rupa, who constantly carries out the task of
protecting (Her devotees), She who is synonymous with
the SrI Shabdam, I surrender to the lotus feet of the
Mother of the 
Universe, Mahalakshmi Thayar.

22. SampadyantE BhavaBhayatamIBhAnavastvatprasAdAt
    BhAvA SsarvE Bhagavati HaroU BhaktimudvElayanta: I
    YAchE Kim TvAmahamihayata: ShItaLOdArashIlA 
    BhuyO BhuyO Dishasi MahatAm MangalanAm PrabandhAn

Oh Bhagavati! You who are completely endowed with the
six auspicious 
qualities! After receiving your blessings there is no
need for anything else. All my thoughts have been
converted into Bhakti for you and this is like the Sun
light dispelling the darkness caused 
by SamsAric association. What more can I ask of you? I
have been the 
beneficiary of your cool mercy and auspicious
attributes. You have 
conferred me with all auspiciousness already. When
there is nothing 
that you have not conferred already or when there is
nothing that 
cannot be obtained as a result of offering prayers to
you, what more 
can I ask for?

( SrI stuti of SwAmi vEdAnta dEsikar - posted by
SrIman muralidhar
rangasAmy swAmi)

namO nArAyaNa!

aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
SrImad Azhagiya Singar thiruvadigalE saranam!

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