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Re: Question related to SrI vishNu sahsranAmam write-up.

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 15:04:56 PST

radhe govinda
namo narayana
hari hari

dear rohit prabhu, bhaagavatas ( and anna),
adiyal shall try to answer the question to my limited knowledge and i'm sure 
other bhaktas will have better explanations.

as we all know one meaning of hari is green as was stated: -

varNaSca me harih SreshThah tasmAd harir-iti smRtah
|| (mahA. SAnti. 343.39)
"My superior complexion is green, and therefore I am
called Hari".

the reason why kanna says that his superior complexion is green is as 

as we all know, blue is always associated with kannan's thirumeni, 
nilothbalatalashyamam, nila megha shyamalan and the list goes on. so much so 
that i'm sure that most bhaagavatas will get reminded of our sweet krishna 
whenever we see the color blue, be it the  grand ocean or the limitless sky 
or a small blue flower in a meadow. he manifests himself in all, great and 
but the color blue immediately brings kaarmegha kannan to our mind.our 
beautiful nila meni maayavan,our mannavan.

and now to krishna's haldini shakthi, srimathi radharani. our thaayar, our 
pirati.:) as we all know, radhe is always identified as the one with the 
golden complexion. her beauty is matchless and her skin is of a breathtaking 
mixture of sunshine yellow and golden hue. so much so that i'm sure that 
when a bhaagavata's gaze settles on the moon or a golden creeper or a small 
yellow flower in that same meadow next to our sweet small blue flower, at 
once that bhaagavata will remember our radhika. so i guess it's no surprise 
that when one reads poetry on our radhekrishna, they are described as the 
moon and the sky, the golden creeper entwining a tree etc.

if all bhaagavatas will remember, when we were all in kindergarten, we all 
used to play with paints. and our teachers taught us all how when we mix 2 
different colors, we will gain a new 3rd color. for example when we mix red 
and yellow we get orange.

so it is adiyal's humble guess that bhagavan too indulged in a bit of 
painting. :)))

ergo, if we take  radhe krishna in a small math/paint equation, we would 
have them like this :--

krishna (blue) + radha (yellow)= hari (green)

hari is the nama which also shows the union of radhekrishna. she is the 
golden one and he the dark one...yet both are the same one. so it is 
adiyal's guess that krishna says that his superior complexion is green,hari, 
for it is a state and color where radhe is united with shyam. rather than 
blue or black as we usually say is our madhavan's complexion.

so adiyal guess, that besides getting reminded of kanna and radhika when we 
see the color blue and yellow, now we shall also get reminded of them 2 
together when we see the color green... on earth, the grass the trees etc. 
:))) isn't it so sweet of them to make it soooo easy for us to remember them 
wherever we look? everywhere. the earth, the sky, the ocean everything echos 
radhekrishna radhekrishna radhekrishna.

so where is the question of us not having time to think of radheshyam in our 
busy lives, when all that surrounds us is radheshyam and it is us who refuse 
to acknowledge them. to remember them.

with lottsa krishna premai
radhe shyam
radhe krishna
radhe govinda
namo venkateshaya
hari hari hari

p.s adiyal don't have any hard evidence from the vedas to back this up. if 
i've said anything wrong, please pardon me and correct me.

>From: Narasimhan Krishnamachari <>
>Subject: Question related to SrI vishNu sahsranAmam write-up.
>Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 21:28:11 -0800 (PST)
>  Dear Devotees:
>I got the following question from Rohit Iyer, for which I do not have an 
>authentic explanation.  Can anyone who has some insight into this share 
>their thoughts in the list?  Short of repeating what I have included in the 
>original write-up, namely that green color induces a sense of peace in our 
>mind, I do not have an authentic response to give to SrI Rohit Iyer.  I 
>would apprecaite any input.
>-dAsan kRshNamAcAryan
>   Rohit Iyer <> wrote: Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 18:50:47 -0800 (PST)
>From: Rohit Iyer
>Subject: Re: SrI vishNu sahasra nAmam - Slokam 69 - Part 4.
>To: Narasimhan Krishnamachari ,
>Dear srI Narasimhan Krishnamachari,
>Thank you for the excellent information.
>I have one question regarding this quote you mentioned
>What is the singinficance of the color green to Lord
>Hari? Why does he say his superior complexion is
>Thank you,
>- rohit

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