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Hebbar Srivaishnava?

From: sampige srinivasa (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 16:52:06 PST

Sri Bhagavathare,
I am basically from Bangalore,Karnataka and belong to a Srivaishnava subsect 
called Hebbar Srivaishnava or Hebbar Iyengar.

The Hebbar Srivaishnavites are mainly residing in Karnataka and we have our 
Kuladaivam in different parts of Karnataka.

My Kuladaivam(Haath Perumal) is Sri. Srinivasa Perumal at Sampige  (Meaning 
Land of Champak Flowers, Champakapuri in ancient times) which is a small 
place in Tumkur District of Karnataka. Every year we attend the annual 
BrahmaRathotsavam there without fail. According to sthala puranam the 
presiding deity was worshiped by King Sudhanva in Treta yuga and Sri Narada 
Muni had installed the deity there.

We have lots of Hebbar Srivaishnavites in Karnataka who have there Kula 
Perumal like in Melukote(Tirunarayanapuram) Narasimhaswamy, MaLur 
Aprameyaswamy, Bindiganavile Vainatheyar, Biligiri(Shwethadri) Rangaswamy, 
Srirangapattanam Ranganathar and the list is so long that I cannot mention 

There are so many exclusive Srivaishnavite temples in Karnatak with there 
Sthala Pruanams dating back to Vedic era, that to in the southern part and I 
suggest it is worth a visit for every Srivaishnavite, even though these are 
not considered under the 108 Srivaishnava Divya Deshams.

Even though our mother tongue is Tamil our style of tamil is greatly 
influenced by Kannada and also the Food is Very much Different.

We have an exclusively Srivaishnavite Restuarant, in Bangalore called 
"Kadambam" where you get specifically Iyengar Cusine.

So If any one who visits Bangalore can please taste the Variety of Iyengar 
Cusine starting from Mouth Watering Puliogre, Kadambam,Pongal, Nalagari, 
Pachhe Kolambu..........

We normally Read the Srivaishnavam works translated to Kannada from 

My Question is, can anyone tell me the origin of the word Hebbar and the 
history about this. According to my knowledge Srivaishnavism came to 
Karnataka when Sri.Ramanuja Came to Karnataka in the 12th Century at 
Melukote(Yadushail Deepam) which is One of Sri. Ramanuja's Favourite places 
as he has mentioned in the following slokam which we recite daily,

SriRanga Mangalamanim Karuna Nivasam (SriRangam)
SriVenkatadri Shikaralaya Kalamegham (Tirumala)
SriHasthi Shaila Shikarojvala Parijatam ( Sri KanchiPuram)
SriShannamami Shirasa Yadushaila Deepam (Melukote/Tirunarayanapuram)

Sarvadeva Namaskaram Keshavam Prathigachathi

Srinivasa Iyengar

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