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Re: Digest Number 525 doubt of Smt Srilatha

From: M.N.Ramanuja (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 03:42:59 PST

>Dear Bhaktas,
>   I would like to get clarification about some
> doubts.
>1. Why Srivishnavas should
>not go to other temples other that Vishnu?  Has it been said in any book?
>If so please provide the reference. 2.  Why ghosti's at the temple don't
>take the aarathi as others?  What is the reason behind this? 3. Should
>the Srivishnavas not go to the Navagraha temples also. 4. Is there a
>reason that Srivaishnavas should not perform Satyanarayana pooja?

There are many taboos for srivaishnava-prapannas in particular. Yes a
big list of these is given in 'Virodhi Parihaarangal' told by
Swamy Ramanujar to Vangipuratthu nambi and others. Commentary on
these was written by Vangipuratthu nambi in the same work. The dos
and donts of physical, spiritual, metaphysical, domestic life, social
life, philosophical and other aspects have been dealt with in that work
in manipravalam language. The work is very interesting and has to be
studied by every srivaishnava. A simple English translation can be found

Regarding taking of Arathi, I dont know the significance of that, but for
srivaishnava that concept of others does not apply.

Ramanuja dasan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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