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From: Parthasarathy Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 21:52:27 PST

> From: bath sobha <>
> ...
> The celestial guardians of the gate at Vaikuntam
> Jaya and Vijaya had requested the Lord 
> Srimannarayana that they prefer to reach the 
> Vaikuntam after three janmas as asuraas.These are 
> (1) the Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu (2) Raavana , 
> Kumbah karna and (3)Sisupaala ,Jaraasandha.

If my memory is right, the last pair is Sisupala and
Dhantavaktra (not Jarasandha or Kamsa as is usually

> 1)Was there any background for them to have prefered
> three janmas and not one instead which is more 
> easier?

Evidently the Lord gave them only 2 options as
retribution for insulting the great sages:
a) 7 births in samsara in bhakti
b) 3 births in samsara in dvesha-bhakti

Having enjoyed the honey of the Lord's lotus feet,
they preferred the lesser pain - 3 births in

> 2) Did they have any knowledge/link to the fact that
> the Lord promised Aaditi and Kasyapa that He would 
> be born to them thrice as their son(in this context 
> the vaamana aavatar may be excluded and only the 
> other two i.e Rama and Krishna avaatars amy be 
> considered)

Going by Bhagavatha or Vishnu purana, there is no
mention of their knowing the Lord's promise
beforehand. But link - yes, obviously everything is
intricately linked in Maamayan's Super Plan.

> 2) I have been told that each of the above asura
> typified a particular arishad varga (kaama, krodha
> etc..). Can any one clarify which aasura manifested 
> which quality?

I have not heard this before. But it is worth trying:

1) kaama - desire/lust - Ravana - the less said about
it, the better

2) krodha - anger - Hiranyakasipu - perpetually fuming
over the death of his dear brother at the hands of the

3) lobha - greed - Dhantavaktra - frankly, not much
idea about him - but only option left

4) moha - delusion - Kumbhakarna - deluded in tamas,

5) matha - pride - Hiranyaksha - extraordinarily proud
and arrogant of his elephantine strength that scared
the whole universe

6) matsarya - jealousy - Sisupala - from day one, he
was jealous of Krishna

> Thanking one and all,

>                           With pranamams,
>                            B.Sobha.


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