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Re: Doubt

From: Balakrishnan M (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 07:01:59 PST

Dear Sobha,

With regards to your questions about Jaya and Vijaya,
allow me to provide some answers based on my what I
have read and heard. 

When the four kumaras (Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana and
Sanatkumara)the sons of Lord Brahma wanted to visit
Lord Vishnu in Vaikunta. They managed to pass through
6 gates but were stopped at the 7th by the two door
keepers named Jaya and Vijaya. 

The four kumaras were angered by door keepers for not
letting them pass through the 7th gate and cursed that
they would fall from the vaikunta into the material
world. At that time Lord Vishnu with Laksmi Devi
arrived and the Lord himself apologized to the four
kumaras for the faults of Jaya and Vijaya because as
the lord said a wrong action commited by a servant
leads people in general to blame the master ( yan
namani ca grhnati loko bhrtye krtagasi……..)

Jaya and Vijaya accepted the curse. They asked the
lord to give them the opportunity to never forget him
for a moment. So Lord Vishnu gave them a choice, 7
births as his devotee or 3 births as his enemy. Jaya
and Vijaya accepted the 3 births as they wanted to
minimize their separation from the Lord. Lord Vishnu
assured them in each birth they would constantly
remember him as an enemy and he would personally
descend to kill them.

So in accordance to the curse of the four kumaras,
Jaya Vijaya appeared in each of the yuga as the lord’s
enemy. In the satya yuga they were born of the sage
Kasyapa Muni and Diti, as Hiranaksya and
Hiranakasyapu. The Lord appeared as Lord Varaha to
kill Hiranaksya and he killed Hiranksyapu in form of
Lord Narsimhadeva. In treta-yuga they were born as
Ravana and Kumbhakarna and the lord appeared as son of
Dasaratha Maharaj as Lord Ramachandra killed both of
them.In the dvapara yuga both Jaya and Vijaya appeared
as Sisupala and Dantavakra (not as Jaraashanda as you
have mentioned) and the Lord Krisna killed them. 

According to some acaryas, the cursing Jaya and Vijaya
was the lord’s desire. Without the Lord sanction,
nothing can happen. The Lord also has desires (correct
me if I am wrong), for example to fight. When he wants
to fight with someone, he has to find an enemy. For
this He enacts His pastimes with His devotees in the
material world, since combat is not possible in the
spiritual world. And to participate in this pastime,
the devotees Jaya and Vijaya served the Lord by
engaging him to fight them. Both Jaya and Vijaya also
said to have descended in the Kali yuga as brothers
Jagai and Madhai and they were delivered by Chaitanya
Mahaprabu by making them the devotees of the Lord.

For more details, I suggest you to read Srimad
Bhagavatham 3rd Canto, Chapter 16.

Other acaryas/bhagavthas can provide lights to Sobha’s
other questions. 

Penang, Malaysia

--- bath sobha <> wrote:
> Respected memebers of the Group,
> Namo Naraayana,
> I shall be very thankful if my following doubt is
> clarified by the learned members :
>  The celestial guardians of the gate at Vaikuntam
> Jaya
> and Vijaya had requested the Lord Srimannarayana
> that
> they prefer to reach the Vaikuntam after three
> janmas
> as asuraas.These are (1) the Hiranyaksha,
> Hiranyakashipu (2) Raavana , Kumbah karna and
> (3)Sisupaala ,Jaraasandha.
> 1)Was there any background for them to have prefered
> three janmas and not one instead which is more
> easier?
>  2) Did they have any knowledge/link to the fact
> that
> the Lord promised Aaditi and Kasyapa that He would
> be
> born to them thrice as their son(in this context the
> vaamana
> aavatar may be excluded and only the other two i.e
> Rama and Krishna avaatars amy be considered)
> 2) I have been told that each of the above asura
> typified a particular arishad varga (kaama, krodha
> etc..).
> Can any one clarify which aasura manifested which
> quality?
>     Thanking one and all,
>                           With pranamams,
>                            B.Sobha.
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