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From: bath sobha (
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 22:42:19 PST

Respected memebers of the Group,

Namo Naraayana,

I shall be very thankful if my following doubt is
clarified by the learned members :

 The celestial guardians of the gate at Vaikuntam Jaya
and Vijaya had requested the Lord Srimannarayana that
they prefer to reach the Vaikuntam after three janmas
as asuraas.These are (1) the Hiranyaksha,
Hiranyakashipu (2) Raavana , Kumbah karna and
(3)Sisupaala ,Jaraasandha.

1)Was there any background for them to have prefered
three janmas and not one instead which is more easier?

 2) Did they have any knowledge/link to the fact that
the Lord promised Aaditi and Kasyapa that He would be
born to them thrice as their son(in this context the
aavatar may be excluded and only the other two i.e
Rama and Krishna avaatars amy be considered)

2) I have been told that each of the above asura
typified a particular arishad varga (kaama, krodha
Can any one clarify which aasura manifested which

    Thanking one and all,

                          With pranamams,

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