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Re: Mata Sita in Ramayanam

From: Balakrishnan M (
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 04:46:00 PST

Dear Sri Srinivasa Iyengar,

Let me provide some inputs to your questions,
according to what I have read and from what I can
remember about the topics on Sita’s fire ordeal and

The episode on the slaying of Vali, the brother of
Sugriva Maharaj in Kishkinda kanda, Sita’s fire ordeal
in Yuddha Kanda, plus banishment of Sita in Uttara
Kanda are the 3 of most debated issuses/topics in

In this aspect, we need to make clear distinctions
between what was written by Valmiki Muni, Srila Vyasa
and other arcaryas. Let me answer your question based
on Valmiki Ramayana (original Ramayana) and Adhyatma
Ramayana (said to be part of Brahmanda Purana).

Valmiki Muni presented the human aspect of Lord
Ramachandra while recognizing him as the Supreme Lord
himself, while Srila Vyasa presented Lord Ramachandra
directly as the Supreme Lord. Valmiki Ramayana (24,000
verses) is like an ocean of ethical teachings and
spiritual instructions whereby the reader has to dive
into the ocean to find the gems, whereas Adhyatma
Ramayana (8000 verses if I am not mistaken) is like a
lake with crystal clear water through which the gems
are easily seen.

Based on Adhyatma Ramayana, Sita knows that she will
be kidnapped by Ravana and Ravana knows that he will
be killed by Rama. Both Ravana and his brother
Kumbakarna were Hiranyaksa and Hiranyakasipu in their
previous birth. They were both Jaya and Vijaya cursed
by the four Kumaras.  

Rama knows that Sita will be kidnapped so he told the
Sita (real Sita) to enter the fire and from the fire
Maya Sita (Vedavati who cursed Ravana she will be
reborn for his destruction) appeared. So in Aranya
Kanda the person kidnapped by Ravana was not the real
Sita but maya Sita.  The fact of Maya Sita not the
real Sita being taken away by Ravana is mentioned in
other puranas such as Kurma purana, Varaha purana and
Agni-purana.  Even Ravana did not even touch the maya
Sita, as he took the entire block of earth which she
stood. He was cursed by Nalakubera that if Ravana
touches any woman without her consent his 10 heads
will burst.

So after killings of Kumbakarna, Indrajit and Ravana,
the war ended and Lord Rama rescused maya Sita and at
that time (of the fire ordeal), Agni took the maya
Sita and returned the real Sita. Rama had to sent the
maya Sita to Agni to be united with the real Sita.

Lord Rama never doubted Sita, the fire ordeal serves 2
purposes, to get back the real Sita and to prove to
the public that Sita is indeed pure.

Regarding Sita’s banishment, in Uttara Kanda, Lord
Ramachandra demonstrated, the ideal king should look
at the interest of the country that his own personal
interest. Remember that Lord Rama, belong to line of
Ishvaku, Harichandra, Aja and etc where the kings even
willing to sacrifice their own life to uphold dharma.
Even Lord Rama oonce said to Sita in Aranya kandam
that he was willing to give up Laksamana, Sita and his
own life to uphold dharma. It was the conflict between
the duty of the king and duty as the husband. Well,
what would you do if you were caught in that position?
 It was not an easy decision to make. Even in modern
days, in management of organization a classical
management writer by the name of Henri Fayol in one of
his 14 principles of management said the individual
interest must be subordinate to organizational

So Lord Ramachandra as an ideal king and leader need
to set good example. Even in Gita Chapter 3, Lord
Krisna says whatever actions of a great man will be
followed by people in general.

Many many years ago I recall watching an old tamil
movie called Lava and Kusa. I am sure in India, since
you are in Bangalore the movie should available.

I hope it helps. Other arcaryas / bhagavathas
especially Mr Hari Krishnan who writes about Ramayana
in can give more inputs/points
on the above topic.


Penang, Malaysia

--- sampige srinivasa <> wrote:
> Poojya Bhagavatare,
> I have and I think many have this suspicion in the
> events at the end of 
> Ramayana. Why did Rama the Purshottama, doubted on
> Sita(Avatar of 
> MahaLakshmi) and asked her to do Agnipravesham and
> in the Uttarakaandam why 
> he sent Sita to the forest hearing the words of a
> common man. Many and even 
> I think that this is not ethical.
> This is a sensitive issue for Women. Many women
> critisice Lord Rama for this 
> act. Please can someone Known give some
> clarification on this, so that I can 
> defend Lord Rama's act.
> Om Namo Narayanaaya
> Om Sri Melukote CheluvanarayanaSwamy Namaha
> Sharanam
> Srinivasa Iyengar
> Bangalore
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