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Mata Sita in Ramayanam

From: gururaj rao (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 10:49:04 PST

Ramaya Rama Bhadraya Ramachandraya Vedase
Raghunathaya Nathaya Seetaya Pataye Namah
Asmad Gurubhyon Namah.
My Koti Pranams to Vishnu Bhakthas.
You can find Lord Sri Hari every where,
but rearly you come across Vishnu
Bhaktas, so say the great Saints .

Dear Vishnu Bhaktha Srinivasa Iyengar /Sampige
What a nice question why did Lord Rama
ask Sita Matha to do agnipravesham.
This has haunted me also, you feel very
sad to hear this in Ramayana.
With my very little knowledge
I would like to convince you(and myself)
On the following lines:
1) First of all Agni is subservient
to Matha Sita who is the Avathar of
Mahalakshmi.As per Hierarchy of
Gods as laid down by the great 
Vasihnava Saint Sri Madhwacharya,
Vishnu is Sarvottama, next comes lakshmi
than Chaturmukha Brahma and so on.
God Agni comes much below in the
Hierarchy of Gods. Hence Agni is
totally incapable of even touching
Sita Matha, forget of burning her,
He can no where go near her.
This is all a drama enacted by Lord
Sri Rama and Matha Sita, just to show
The world, that a king should be
Sensitive to his Prajas(Subordinates).
Keeping this in mind, the lord
Ordered Matha Sita to do Agni Pravesham.
2) Lord Vishnu’s Lilas are Achinthya
and Adbhutha. Which simply means
beyond the Comprehension of common
man. At times you need to think impassionately
to understand these Intricacies. 
3)There is one more incident in
Maharabharatha, about which one
feels emotional. When Karna’s
Chariot is stuck in the mud, he requests
Arjuna to stop the war, so that he can 
set right his chariot. But Lord SriKrishna
orders Arjuna to kill the helpless Karna,
which Arjuna does it.
This also has to be thought in the
right perspective to arrive at the right
I hope my clarification will help you
in analyzing things.
NS Gururaj

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