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Mata Sita in Ramayanam

From: sampige srinivasa (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 00:07:11 PST

Poojya Bhagavatare,
I have and I think many have this suspicion in the events at the end of 
Ramayana. Why did Rama the Purshottama, doubted on Sita(Avatar of 
MahaLakshmi) and asked her to do Agnipravesham and in the Uttarakaandam why 
he sent Sita to the forest hearing the words of a common man. Many and even 
I think that this is not ethical.

This is a sensitive issue for Women. Many women critisice Lord Rama for this 
act. Please can someone Known give some clarification on this, so that I can 
defend Lord Rama's act.

Om Namo Narayanaaya
Om Sri Melukote CheluvanarayanaSwamy Namaha

Srinivasa Iyengar

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