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Padhuka Sahasram-506

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Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 04:12:36 PST


SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha,

Translation by U.Ve. Dr. V.N. Vedanta Desikan Swamin:

506. nirDhUthamOhathimirAsthava rathnadhIpaI:
     nirvishyamAnaviBhavam nadharAjaputhryA
     prathyakshayanthi nigamAnthanigUDamarTham
     pAdhAvani! thvayi nivEshithaBhAvabanDhA:

Oh Paaduka! Those who have set their hearts on You derive the 
advantage that Your gemstones illumine their hearts, dispel the 
darkness of ignorance and, thereby, enable them to envision the 
Lord's splendour, enjoyed by Mahalakshmi and kept concealed in the 

Namo Narayana,

SriMuralidhara Dasan

Special Notes by V. SaTakOpan (V.S):

SlOkam 506:

1) UtthamUr Swamy's anubhavam :   Oh Paadhuke! Your devotees are 
helped by the lustre of rays emanating from the gems adorning You . 
Those rays serve as lamps to destroy the darkness resulting from the 
false knowledge and nescience possessed by those who have affection 
for you. Once the surrounding darkness is removed , those who sought 
refuge  in You discover the matchless treasure standing over You. 
That discovery leads them to enjoy Your Lord , just like MahAlakshmi 
enjoys Her Lord saluted by Upanishads .

2) Srimath Andavan's anubhavam: Here, the topics covered in the 
SvanishtAbhjn~Ana adhikAram of Srimath Rahasya Thraya Saaram .
A SadAchAryan is the one , who has the clear understanding of 
Svaroopam, UpAyam and purushArtham. With that SadAchAryan's 
blessings, one can Come face to face with the Lord enjoyed by MahA 
Lakshmi and eulogized By the Upanishads.

3 ) Here Sawmy Desikan describes the benefits that come the  way of 
those, who have firm devotion ( thvayi nivEsitha bhAva bandhA: )for 
the PaadhukAs of the Lord ( Swamy NammazhwAr). They illumine their 
ways through the lamps of Your instructions housed in ThiruvAimozhi  
and banish the darkness of nescience ( Tava rathna dheepai: nirdhUtha 
mOha timirA: ). They verily see the hidden auspicious meanings in 
Upanishads (Vibhavam nigamAntha nigUDam arTam) and enjoy (viz)., the 
Lord with the same intensity as MahA Lakshmi (nadharAjaputryA 
nirvisyamAna vibhavam prathyakshanthi)(V.S). 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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