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Release of Dr. NSA's commentary on Vaikunta Stava

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 07:55:52 PST


SrIvathsachihna misrEbhyO namaukthim adhImahE
yadgukthaya: thrayIkaNDE yaanthi MangaLasoothrathAm
--Taniyan for Swamy KurEsar 

Dear BhakthAs:

The release of the monograph on SrI Vaikunta Sthavam 
of Swamy KUrEsar by U.Ve. VidvAn Dr.N.S.Anantha RangAcchAr 
Swamy of Bangalore is inducing me to write a few words 
on this important Sthavam . SrI Vaikunta Sthavam is one of
the five Sthavams bequeathed to us by Swamy KUrEsar . The others
are: SrI Sthavam, AthimAnusha Sthavam, SrI VardarAja Sthavam
and Sri Sundara Baahu Sthavam . Another MahA VidvAn SrI PayyampAdi
ChettalUr Vaa. SrivathsAngAcchAr Swamy has provided MaNipravALam
commentaries on these five sthavams in 1986 . adiyEn is basing my 
write ups on SrI Varadaraaja Sthavam on his brilliant 
commentary .adiyEn hopes to cover all these sthavams
later with the anugraham of Swamy KUrEsar .

Today , adiyEn will focus on the final (101st)slOkam of Sri Vaikunta
Sthavam in honor of the forthcoming release of Sri Vaikunta Sthavam
by Dr.NSA Swamy on Feb 2 , Thai Hastham day , the Thirunakshathram
of Swamy KUrEsar. 

SrI VaikuNta Sthavam (VS)
There is an age old saying : " SrI VaikuNta Sthavam theriyAthavan
VaishNavan allan " ( One who does not know SrI Vaikunta Sthavam
is not a VaishNavan). This saying pays reverence to this
important sthavam just as the other one " Thiru Maalai 
aRiyAthavan ThirumAlai aRiyAN " ( One who does not know
the dhivya prabhandham of Thiru Maalai by ThoNdaradippodi
AazhwAr will not know Thirumaal, the Lord of Lakshmi).

In Thirumaalai, ThOndaradippodi AzhwAr describes what 
SrI RanganAthA prefers: " kadaitthalai irunthu vaazhum 
sOmbarai uhatthi pOlum " . Here , the reference is to 
Lord RanganAthA's preference to those who have rejected all 
other upAyams and performed Prapathti at His sacred feet 
in the manner prescribed by Him in His Charama slOkam 
and stay at the front gate of His temple fully assured of
MokshAnugraham by the Lord. "prapannAth anyEshAm na disathi
MukundhO nija padham " .The Lord does not grant Moksham 
to anyone other than those , who have performed prapatthi
to Him . "MaamEva yE prapathyanthE maayAmEthAm taranthi tE"
is another pramANam for the fruits of Prapatthi. 

Swamy KurEsar reminds  Lord Varadhan, his ishta dhaivam ,
about these messages of His and requests the Lord of
Hasthigiri to grant him Moksha Siddhi in the very last 
slOkam of SrI Vaikunta Sthavam :

nirbhandha yEsha yadhi tE yadhasEshavaidha--
  samsEvinO Varadha! rakshasi nEtharAmsthvam 
tarhi ThvamEva mayi sakthyAdhikAra-vaanchA:
  prathyUha saanthim itharsccha vidEhi visvam

(meaning): Oh VaradharAjA ! You protect those , 
who have sought refuge at Your Thiruvadi in 
the manner prescribed by You. Ohters are not
blessed with Your rakshaNam ( prapannAth anyEshAm
na disathi MukundhO nija padham ). If this restriction of 
vyAja mAthra SaraNAgathi is valid , then You must 
banish from me the sakthi to observe other upAyams 
for Moksham , my fitness to observe them and desire to
seek fruits from such ubhAyAntharams (means other 
than You standing in the place of all those upAyams)
and bless me with the observance of the panchAngams
( the five limbs) of SaraNAgathi to You .

This resounding prayer of Swamy KurEsar in the 101st
slOkam of SrI Vaikunta Sthavam is the distilled essence
of the Charama SlOkam of GIthAchAryan. Lord Varadhan
is the Ishta Dhaivam and AarAdhana Moorthy of Swamy
KUresar and hence he addresses Lord VaradarAjan for
the anugraham of Moksham . He prays to Lord to remove
the Moksha VirOdhis and command him to follow the Saasthra-
established vidhis for SaraNAgathi ( Tath aaj~nApaya Maadhava). 

Here , Swamy KUrEsar begs Lord Varadhan to fulfill all 
the five angams of SaraNAgathi and to bless him further with 
the blemishless utthara kruthyams after prapatthi ( code of conduct 
during the post-prapanna stage of life ) and finally lift him upto
His Supreme Abode (SrI Vaikuntam ) to perform nithya kaimkaryam
to Him there and enjoy ParipoorNa BrhamAnandham in the company
of His Nithyasooris. 

Swamy KUrEsar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,  
DaasOham, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SaThakOpan/Sadagopan  



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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