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From: Simhesvara dasa (
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 23:27:23 PST

It is stated in the Srimad Bhagavatam(11.5.41) that:

                    devarsi-bhutapta-nrnam pitrnam
                     na kinkaro nayam rni ca rajan
                    sarvatmana yah saranam saranyam
                    gato mukundam parihrtya kartam

     "Anyone who has taken shelter of the lotus feet
of Mukunda, the giver of liberation, giving up all
kinds of obligation, and has taken to the path in all
seriousness, owes neither duties nor obligations to
the demigods, sages, general living entities, family
members, humankind or forefathers." Such obligations
are automatically fulfilled by performance of
devotional service to the Supreme Personality of

The above is taken from part of a purport to Bhagavad
Gita chapter 1 text 41 of His Divine Grace Srila A.C.
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

--- Vijayaraghavan Bashyam
<> wrote:
> Sri Mattapalli Naatham Pranathosmi Nithyam Namaha
> Dear Sir,
> The following is a memory of the duties to be
> performed by a man, heard during one of the many
> upanyasams of Vaikuntha Vaasi Salakshana Ghanapaati
> Vedaartha Visaaradha Sri U.Ve Mukkur Lakshmi
> Narasimhachariyar Swamy.
> Every man is born with 3 debts and the clearence of
> the debts is his main duty.
> 1. Debt to the Rishis
> THis is cleared by doing Vedaadhyayanam and its
> preservation.
> 2. Debt to the Devathaas
> This is cleared by doing Yagnyams in general and
> Soma Yaagam in particular.
> 3. Debt to the Pitrus
> This is cleared by begetting a GOOD SON or
> sadputran.
> All karmaas ( nithya / naimiththika ) in life in one
> way or the other are for the clearence of the above
> 3 debts only.
> Ex: Sandhyaavandam involves preservation of the
> vedaas and fall under debt 1.Agnihotram falls under 
> debt 2 etc.,
> Kindly correct me if my memory has failed me.
> With Mukkur Nruhari Smaranams,
> Daasan,
> Vijayaraghavan Bashyam

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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