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From: Varadarajan Sourirajan (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 06:03:36 PST

sri parthasarathy thunai
srimathe ramanujaya namaha
dear kalaivani,
  It is said that after prapatti we are not supposed
tosurrender to any other devatha.We can respect them
but we should not surrender to them. u can bow to a
devatha thinking that he is part of paramatma no
problem but not as a devatha himself.That is how
vaishanavits even do surya namaskara and other rituals
when they pay homage to sun and other devathas they do
it considering sriman narayanan to recide in them.
 Our acharyas explain this in a different manner
also.On doing prapatti the jivan becomes the consort
or the pathni of the lord who is the purushotaman.
A wife after entering her in laws place can respect
her fatherinlaw and motherinlaw and also her
brotherinlaw but can she show the same love she has
for her husband to the others similarly a prapannan
can show love to only to the purushotaman she can show
only her respect to others. what ever is the problem
the wife confides only in her husband and will not
fall in the feet of a third person similarly prapanals
will confide only in sriman narayanan and will not
enter any other devatha temple seeking any sort of
Hope ur doubt is clarified
sumithra ramanuja dasyai

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