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Re: Please clarify.

From: K. Sadananda (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 04:24:37 PST

>Dear bhakthas,
>                        I got some questions.The world is created and each
>and every soul came to existence due to the Lord Narayana.In this
>context, how we can map this to a person who doesnt follow our religion,
>for ex - an american.He doesnt know anything about moksha.Human being's
>life is defined and how is it defined for animals?.Please clarify.
>                                          Your's
>                                           N.Vijayaraghavan.

Shree Vijayaraghavan,

Here are my thoughts:.

Every life form is looking for happiness - uninterrupted, unlimited 
absolute happiness - and that seems to be the purpose of life - 
whether American and Indian.  All pursuits in life - pravR^itti or 
nivR^iit - that is gaining something or getting rid of something is 
only to accomplish this end.

  In the human, the intellect has evolved to the degree he cannot but 
ask questions at one stage in life or not - what is the purpose of 
life? -and  this is what is stated in the Mu. Up. pariiksha lokaan 
karmachitaan brahmano .... .  Philosophies - or dharshanaas have 
evolved to explain essentially this - what is jiiva? or individual? 
what is this world that one has to deal with -Is there a creator and 
if so what is His/her qualifications? why did He create?  what is the 
relation between the Jiiva and the creator and Ultimately how one can 
achieve what one wants to achieve - the absolute uninterrupted, 
unlimited happiness.  In answering the above questions, one becomes 
aware of why normal means of knowledge - pratyaksha and anumaana 
cannot lead to answers to these questions and why shabda or shaastra 
alone are the means of knowledge.  This automatically lead to Veda 
and Vedanta as the ultimate means for knowledge.  How achaarya-s 
interpreted the Vedic teachings and why you feel that Ramanuja's 
interpretation of the Vedic teaching is correct.

The bottom line is - before one discusses these issues with American 
or anyone, one should one self be sure about the knowledge.

Second way of teaching is living or leading the values and teachings 
of the Achaaryas by following strictly with complete faith and 
understanding - manasaa vaachaa karamana - and your life itself will 
be a teaching for those who would like to follow by seeing the 
virtuous life.

Hari Om!
K. Sadananda
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