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Re: prostrating four times.

From: Sudarshan TR (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 13:38:22 PST

Dear members,


Prostrating oneself to the other person or may be to
the God is that we are surrendering our SELF to the
other person and also to seek that persons blessings. 

There are arguments between single and multiple
prostrating of each kalai as to which form is the more
ancient, more traditional form. 

What I understand(though very crude level of
understanding) is , 

That in single prostration,  one is behaving as if he
or she is completely at the mercy of the other person,
without any independent will. One should prostrate and
stay down until told by the elders to get up (but we
(most of us) do this in a hurry as if it is a
punishment, just kidding)

Prostrating multiple times indicates once willingness
to serve as well as one's willingness to surrender to
the Atma(God ) in the other person again and again.
One should prostrate till told by the elders to stop
or when they say "porum". This might be the reason why
we are supposed to prostrate N number of times before
Acharyans, till they say "porum".

I dont see much of the difference in the two ways of
prostrations. Both the forms make sense in its own
way. I dont know why the arguments continues still. 

Please correct me if I am wrong. It is not intended to
offend learned scholars, but it is my understanding of
the things. 

Seeking your blessings,

Sudarshan R. Thuppul

--- Radha Varadarajan <>
> dear members,
> supreme pranams!
> i have this strange doubt, silly too.
> what is the tatparyam/idea behind prostrating 4
> times
> in vadakalai sampradayam?
> is there any specific reason or is it just done by
> convention?
> seking your blessings,
> radha.

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