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Fwd: Sri C Seshadri's kaimkaryam as per asmadhAchAryan's ThiruvuLLam
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 23:23:32 PST

SrImathE Ramanujaya namah:

Given below is message prepared by Sri MS Hari on Sri C Seshadri's kaimkaryam.
Interested Bhagawathas may like to open up a center and start at your place to

Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dasan madhavakkannan


On 25th February 2001 (Sunday), HH SrI PowNDarIkapuram SrImath ANDavan
swAmi's tele-upanyAsam on SrI pAdukA sahasram was held. Before the start
of the divine upanyAsam, the celebrated SrI VaishNava SrI kainkaryams of
SrI C SeshAdri swAmi was announced in detail by Asrama authorities. I thank
SrI Muralidhar RangaswAmi regarding his efforts in this regard.
These kainkaryams are done only because of AchArya anugraham as per
AchArya's tiru-vuLLam in strict accordance to SrI SampradAyam. This mail
is for explaining the kainkaryams of SrI SeshAdri swAmi as per

In order to teach the nitya karmas like tri-kAla sandyAvandanam and
various naimiththika karmas, SrI U.Ve. C SeshAdri swAmi (16, subramanya
nagar cross street, near ranga-raja puram railway gate, Chennai 600 024,
Tamilnadu, India) is doing wonderful kainkaryams with the anugraham of our
AchAryas. He is doing this kainkaryam through his "SrI VaishNava
sampradAya nithya karmAnushtAna SikshA kEndram" set up at various places.
This kendra has been setup as per the divya niyamanam of HH SrIrangam SrI
powNDarIkapuram SrImath ANDavan Asramam SrI paravAkkOttai SrImath ANDavan
swAmi. Through this kendra, our SrI C SeshAdri swAmi is teaching (with the
help of SrI VaishNava vidwAns) Urdhava-puNdra-dhAraNam, sandyAvandanam,
laghu-tiruvArAdhana kramam, tarpaNam (amAvASya-mAsa-grahaNa kAlam),
yagnyOpavItha dhAraNa-vidhi, upAkarma, puNyAhavachanam, udaga-ShAnthi,
pancha-sUkthams, vEda-sAtRumarai, sEvA-kAla sAtRumarai, Santhi pAdam etc.
Both theory and practical aspects with meaning are taught in these
kendras. Further, he is very much involved in spreading swAmi dESika SrI
sUktis through his "The project popularisation of dESika's works sabha for
the younger generation". He is encouraging younger generation to learn
swAmi dESika SrI sUktis (stOtra pAtam, prabandams). He is awarding titles,
valuable prizes for young people. He is also organizing SrImath rahasya
traya sAra kAlakshEpams and chillarai rahasya kAlakshEpams and such
pUrva-AchArya granta kAlakshEpams for the benefit of interested SrI
VaishNavas. His kainkaryams are very remarkable, practically found to be
very useful in propagating SrI SampradAya to masses and in strict
accordance to SrI SampradAya with the blessing of our AchAryas. He is also
printing authentic articles in pamphlets for spreading our SrI SampradAya
and distributing them to people who gather at temples and such places.
These articles are excellent in very simple language but presenting our
sidhdAntham and anushtAnams in an encouraging manner for all people. More
and more centers are planned for the above mentioned programs in the real
sprit of propagating SrI SampradAyam. The following are the centers as of
date conducting the above mentioned programs.

  Unit 1 :
  Srimad Ahobilam Mata srI-karyam's House
  No 1, 26th Street, Thillai Ganga Nagar,
  Chennai - 61.
  Phone no : 233 0980

  Unit 2 :
  No 17, Srinivasa Pillai St, (Paduka ManiMandapam)
  West Mambalam, Chennai - 33
  Phone No : 4714154

  Unit 3 :
  No 2, Bharathi Nagar, Ist Street,
  T.Nagar, Chennai - 17
  Phone no : 828 4418

  Unit 4 :
  No 11, Sakti Nagar, Kodambakkam, Chennai 24
  Phone no : Not available

  Unit 5:

  5611, North Bridge Road, (Sri Hari's residence)
  Eng Cheong Towers #11-02
  Singapore 198782

  (SrImath rahasyatraya sAram, vEdArtha sangraham,
   nithya-karmAnushtAnams, laghu-tiruvArAdhanam,
   swAmi dESika stotram, prabandam)

  Unit 6 :
  going to be started on 26/04/2001 in Srirangam

Apart from these units, SrI Seshadri swAmi has planned to start Summer
coaching classes (nitya karmAnushtAnams) for students for one month during
the holidays. This is  going to be conducted at mimimum of 15 places.

The content of the pamphlet given by SrI C SEshAdri  on a latest schedule
for the above kendra program is given below

  Commencing on 26th April, 2001
  Venue Sri Paduka ManiMandapam
  Srinivasa Pillai St, West Mamabalam.
  Telephone no 471 41 54

Admissions for both MORNING and EVENING classes already commenced.Enroll
immdiately to avoid disappointment as a few seats are only available now.

Our swAmi SrIman nigamAntha mahA dESika has wonderfully elaborated the
way in which a SrI VaishNava: should live his life after the performance
of SaraNAgathi till his last breath in this world. The 15th chapter in
SrImath rahasya-traya sAram titled "uththara kruthyAdhikAram" talks about
this clearly. The prapanna should approach SrI VaishNava scholars who have
determined the SAstrArtha and practicing it. He should get associated with
them and learn the anushtAnams suitable for his varNa-Asrama dharmas as
per their directions. He should avoid evils like praising himself. He
should clearly get his level of ignorance, imperfections and
disqualification comprehended. He should never resign AgnyA-anugnyA rUpa
kainkaryams. ie., He must do the AgnyA-anugnyA rUpa kainkaryams without
fail. He must consume sAtvika-AahAram only and get the senses (indriyams)
absorbed in bhagavath-anubhavam. This will ensure that the senses
do not wander for silly desires. He should do his nithya-naimithika karmas
for the bhagavath-preethi only. He should get his mind involved in
bhagavath-archAvathara-anubhavam. He should have firm resolution that his
yOga-khshEmams are safe in the hands of the Lord SrIman NarAyaNa:. He
should always remember the greatest upakAram (pancha-samskAram,
grantha-kAlakshEpam and thathva-hitha-purushArtha jgnyAnam, SaraNAgathi
anushtAnam) done to him by AchArya and BhagavAn. He should have the
greatest gratitude for this reason towards his AchArya and BhagavAn. He
should have purity in three ways in terms of manas (mind), vAk (speech)
and kAyam (body). That is, he should think in his mind, with gratitude,
the upakArams done by his AchArya to him. He should abstain from
contemplating on lowkika kAmam. Using his vAk, he should recite dvaya
mantra and bhagavath-vishayam. He should abstain from reciting his own
glory. Using his body, he should do bhagavath-bhAgavatha-AchArya
kainkaryams. He should not do bhAgavatha apachAram.

In the 17th chapter (SAstriya niyamanAdhikAram), swAmi SrIman nigamAntha
mahA dESika in his celebrated SrImath rahasya-traya sAram beautifully
explains that the prapanna should do all his duties as per SAstra's order.
The prapanna should not worry for Athma-yAtra because it is in the hands
of Bhagavan. He should not worry even for his dEha-yAtra because it is
according to the remaining karma balance. But this never sanctions the
prapanna to act as per his own wishes. He has to act as per the
SAstra's order. There are five important kanikaryams prescribed for him.
As per his qualifications he has to learn the SrI bhAshya and spread it or
learn divya prabandam and spread it or involve himself in kainkaryams like
preparing flower garland etc for archAvathAra perumAL or doing anusandAnam
of dvaya-mantra-artham or atleast living in the tiru-vadi of a SrI
VaishNava:. The prapanna must rejoice on seeing SrI VaishNavas like
rejoicing on seeing cool moon and enjoying gentle fragrant breeze. But he
must not mingle with prathikUla (unfavorable elements) like
bhagavath-dvEshis (those who hate bhagavath-vishayam); he must shun away
from such elements with fear. He must be disengaged with respect to common
samsAris (those who are engaged purely in mundane pleasures). The prapanna
must not only do the nithya-naimithika AgnyA karmas as per SAstra but also
do all anugnyA karmas as per SAstra prescriptions. If he violates the
SAstra's order, then he will get punishment as a result of
bhagavath-nigraham; BhagavAn himself has stated that "Sruthi: smruthi:
mamaiva AagnyA ya: thAm ullangya varthathE | AagnyAchhEthi mama drohI
madbhakthO(a)pi na vaishNava: ||". To know the above mentioned aspects in
detail, SrImath rahasya-traya sAra kAlakshEpam in traditional manner in
AchArya sannadhi is always suggested.

In the light of the sum and substance of the above mentioned two important
chapters, we can ascertain that doing nithya-naimithika karmas as per
SAstra (as applicable to individual's varNa-Asrama) are very important
kainkaryams for prapannas, which are to be done without fail. In fact, the
sandyA vandanam is a very basic anushtAnam without which, there is no
scope for other kainkaryams Ref "sandyA hIna: aSuchi: nithyam anarha:


I request all interested SrI VaishNavas to get benefited by these
kainkaryams of Sri C Seshadri Swamin. Such centers must be started all over the
BhAgavatha-uththamas like SrImath mAdhavakkaNNans swAmi (Singapore), SrI
Vijay kumar (Singapore), SrI N. KaNNan iyengAr are supporting these
kainkaryams very much. The feedback from people at India and at Singapore
is also very encouraging.

I pray at the lotus feet of bhAgavathas to kindly make a note of the
above mentioned kainkaryams of SrI C Seshadri swAmi. Your suggestions
and participation are most welcome regarding these kainkaryams.

Thanks & Regards
MAdabhUshi S Hari rAmAnuja dAsan (

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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