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Re: Badarayana

From: K. Sadananda (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 04:23:17 PST

Vishal - no words to express my thanks for the educative information.  

Looks like I have to catch up with lot of reading.  I will take up 
your suggestion to study intensely  Shreebhaashya before I venture 
into taking up Bhagavaan Raamaanuja's criticism of Advaita system.  I 
am little bit familiar about the laghu, mahaa purvapaksha-s and 
siddhanta-s of Ramanuja, particularly with reference to the avidya 
aspect of advaita system.  I am still collecting books on these and 
also as your suggestion of Sudarshanasuuri's commentary as well - if 
I can get hold of side by side good English commentary.

Currently in my notes on Brahmasuutra, I am restricting myself 
predominantly to Shankara Bhaasya to do a justice to it.  I am doing 
elaborately to insure that the arguments presented are very clear at 
least to myself first.  I noticed Shankarabhagavatpaada spent lot of 
discussion taking puurvamiimaamsa as puurvapaksha - particularly 
Praabhakara and BhaaTTa matams under the pretext of explaining the 
word 'tu' in the- tat tu samanvayaat -suutra.  I am still writing on 

  If and when I am through with Shankara Bhaasya I intend to take up 
Shree bhaashya and study  his criticism of Advaita from my 

I will take rain check from you to tap your wisdom and knowledge 
whenever I need it.  I did look into your web pages on 
Sudarshanasuuri and Totakachaarya - They are very informative.  Have 
collected references from your list.
Thanks again with praNaam-s.

Hari Om!

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