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Madhurakavi: CD ROM on AzhwArs Input: X.4, Meanings of the Paasurams of KaNNinuNN SiRutthAmpu .

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 13:25:45 PST

Dear BhakthAs:

In this final posting , adiyEn will cover the meanings 
of the individual paasurams of Madhura Kavi's prabhandham 
of KaNNinuNN SiRutthAmpu without detailed commentaries.

KaNNinuNN SirutthAmpu Prabhandha Paasurams
(1) Setting aside the incomparably wonderful Lord Father ,
who permitted Himself to be tied down to the mortar by 
His mother (YasOdhA) with a multi-knotted , small cord ,
adiyEn has sought refuge at the sacred feet of the GuNa-
paripoornar(Nampi) , the sage of ThirukkuruhUr. The very 
recital of his holy name activates the spring of nectar 
in my tongue,which until now has been engaged in 
the enjoyment of inferior anubhavams. (SiRutthAmpu is 
recognized by Sri K.C.VaradAchAri as devotion , which is 
of the form of a small cord capable of binding the world-
enveloping Godhead VishNu , the wonder of wonders, MaayAvi).

(2) Eulogizing him (Swamy NammAzhwAr) with my tongue ,
adiyEn has gained all auspicousness (viz)., the boon
of reaching his golden feet.Indeed adiyEn knows of
no other dhaivam other than my Nampi ( Swamy NammAzhwAr).
adiyEn will wander everywhere singing sweetly the holy 
paasurams of my Nampi.(Sri K.C.VaradachAri comments that
AchAryA worship leads to God-realization.AchAryA is 
recognized by him as the small cord that binds us to
the infinite Divine).

(3)Wandering thus singing my AchAryan's prabhandhams ,
adiyEn has gained the soubhAgyam of the vision of 
the Neela-MEgha ShyAmaLa PerumAL adorning Sri Devi on 
His chest. This is indeed the supreme corrolary gain 
attained by adiyEn through total devotion to my AchAryan ,
ThirukkuruhUr Nampi. 

(4)Those devout Scholars and paramikAnthis well versed 
in the four VedAs ,who recognize the Lord as both prApakan 
and prApyam (means and goal)might think low of adiyEn and
will abandon me as one , who could not be saved.Knowing 
this fully well, my Swamy with the name of SatakOpa Nampi
has rushed to save me and has become my Mother , Father and 
my ruling Lord and removed all my sorrows.He has become 
thus every thing to me.

(5)Until now, adiyEn coveted other's wealth and went 
after it;adiyEn desired women as my objects of bhOgam.
Today , after seeking refuge at the sacred feet of
of the AzhwAr of ThirukkuruhUr with its golden mansions ,
adiyEn has become his servant and devotee and thus 
become a realized soul.Until now , adiyEn was an ignoramus 
chasing unworthy things and after the prapatthi at SatakOpan's
holy feet , adiyen has abandoned the pursuit of artham
as well as kaamam and has acquired svaroopa Jn~Anam 
to seek Moksha Siddhi with his paramOpakAram.

(6) From here on and for all times to come , adiyEn has 
been blessed by my Swamy (SatakOpan)to have the auspicious 
Jn~Anam to sing about his glories and his Prabhandhams 
in a spirit of Svayam-prayOjanam . My Swamy hailing from 
ThirukkuruhUr known for its mighty mansions will never 
abandon me and will shower his grace on me always
( athra parathra chApi nithyam yadhIya charaNam madhIyam).
adiyEn has gained vivEkam through his abundant grace
and therefore have attained the bhAgyam of svaroopa- 
aavirbAvam .

(7)My Swamy SatakOpan , the SuprajA of Kaari belonging to 
the MaaRa Vamsam has opened his eyes and looked at me
standing in front of him with folded palms (anjali mudhrA).
With his dhivya katAksham , he has chased away all my
age-long sins(anAdhi karmAs) and out of his incomparable 
krupA has accepted me as his dearest disciple.Wherefore, 
I proclaim aloud my love and gratitude for his mahOpakAram
of banishing all of my upAya VirOdhis through singing of his
grat prabhandhams set in beautiful Tamil language in
all eight directions of this earth for the redemption of 
one and all.

(8)My Swamy out of his matchless dayA for every one
has blessed them with the esoteric meanings of Vedams
through his Tamil dhivya prabhandhams (Draavida Vedam )
in a language that they can understand . He included 
adhikAris (qualified ones)and anadhikAris for the recital
of the Sanskrit Vedams to receive this anugraham of 
singing about the anantha kalyANa guNams of Sriman 
NaarAyanan in Tamil.His compassion for the suffering 
people of this world , which led to the creation of his
thousand beautiful paasurams of  ThiruvAimozhi
is matchless in all the worlds. He thus spread 
the teachings of the ancient VedAs and out of his 
love for the people sang them in their language(Tamil).

(9)My Swamy has fixed in my mind the inner meanings
of the Vedams (BhAgavatha Seshathvam and AchArya
Nishtai) in an unshakable manner.He has fixed in 
my mind the doctrine that AchArya and Bhaagavta 
kaimkaryams are the parama purushArthams taught by
the ancient VedAs as their inner meaning. Therefore , 
loving and dedicated kaimakaryam to my Swamy ,SatakOpan ,
and him alone will be the adequate return for his
immeasurable anugraham to adiyEn.

(10)Oh my Swamy from ThirukkuruhUr , known for its
fertile groves, where the nithya Sooris (forever
liberated ones) take the form of nightingales and 
sing sweetly your dhivya-prabhandha paasurams !
You are enjoying the bliss of ParipoorNa BrahmAnandham. 
Although , there is no gain for you from us , 
you out of your infinite Dayaa engage in AchArya 
Kruthyam and correct and train us through upadesam
and anushtAanam , even if we are deficient in
every way. Adiyen seeks Your sacred feet out of 
deep affection and reverence for them .

(11)Oh my Swamy , the Sakala GuNa ParipoorNar from
ThirukkuruhUr! You have great preethi for all those 
( bhakthars , prapannars, mukthars and nithyars ),
who have taken refuge at the sacred of Your Lord,
who in turn has affection for every one .Oh Master of 
the beautiful ThirukkuruhUr! This prabhandham has 
been created with visEsha Bhakthi by your devoted 
daasan Madhura Kavi and placed at Your sacred feet. 
Those who recite this prabhandham with mahaa visvasaam 
in the supermacy of Achaarya Bhakthi over all else
will surely find their abode in Sri Vaikuntam.

Madhura Kavi AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE saraNam ,
RaamAnja Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 




           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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