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Re: essence of bhaja govindam.

From: Balaji Srinivasan (
Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 21:46:27 PST

                        VEdAnta lakshmaNa muneendra krpAthabodham
                        TatpAda yugmasaraseeruha brungha rAjam |
                        Thraiyantha yugma krtabhoori parishramamtam
                        Sreeranga lakshmaNa munim Saranam parapadyE||

> pranams to everybody.
> I am Radha Varadarajan,20 yers of age. and I am deeply moved by M.S.
> subbalakshmi's bhaja govindam.
> but, im not very sure of its inner meaning. although, i can guess that
it has
> a lot of depth and philosophy attched to it, i couldnt quite make out
> actual word to word meaning. i did search for some books, but then i t

My name is Balaji Srinivasan and am a graduate student in the Aerospace
Engg Dept in Stanford University and unfortunately don't know anything
about our sampradAyam and hence have been guilty of not having introduced
myself though I have been a member of this group for some time now.

Dear Ms Varadarajan,
Please see,
There is a link in it for Bhaja Govindam (just below purushhasuukta  and
above madhuraashhTakaM). There are many formats given there, so you can
choose the most convenient. It has all the verses sung by Sri Sankara and
his disciples (I believe the cassette has a few cut out for adjusting the
It has the phrases, the translation and a glossary at the end. I am sure you would also find the same
in the archives of the bhakti list, but I thought a glossary would be helpful. I hope this


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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