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Re: parishEshanam

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Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 11:16:07 PST

At 07:43 AM 2/22/01 -0000, you wrote:
>namo narayana
>Respected srivaishnavas,
>My name is Madhusudhan Srikkanth and I am 
>doing my B.E degree in Nanyang Technological University 
>in Singapore.This is my first mail to this group .

> I have a doubt regarding parishEshanam.Is parishEshanam 
>offering of food to the lord residing within us
>(antaryAmi) before eating it?If it is so why is it that 
>we do parishEshanam only when we are eating rice 
>and not when we are eating other kinds of food like 
>chappatis and dosas.Please forgive adiyEn for 
>asking silly doubts.I had this doubt for a long time 
>but had the courage to ask it only today as I 
>know that this question is not fit to be asked 
>to stalwarts in this field.adiyEn 

Dear Sri MadhusUdhan: 

Your question about ParishEchanam is very important .
Consuming food is not for the quenching  one's
appetite. This is more serious and that is why 
it is elevated to the level of PrANAgnihOthram.

AchAryAs describe it as aNu yaagam since this annam
presentation is done to the JeevAthmA , who is
of the size of an atom (aNu) .This aNu yaagam is
done following samarpanam of PrasAdham to 
the Vibhu SavarUpi ( the Supreme Lord) during
our AarAdhanam.The Jeevan becomes qualified 
to enjoy the Bhogams and Mokshams as a result 
of the consumption of the Food presented first
to the Lord.

After consecration of the site of eating 
with appropriate manthrams(pranavam and
VyAhruthi), One sits facing east or west or 
facing the Koil AzhwAr.

When the rice is placed on the Leaf and
the ghee is added , one should offer worship 
with the manthram:

" asmAkam nithyamasvEthadh" and salute the annam.

One should not make balls out of the rice 
or spread it around .The annam should be served
only once before parishEchanam.

annam is consecrated with the recital of
Pranavam and the sprinkling of the annam
with water (arghyam) from the ends of the fingers
with the utterance of VyAhruthis.Gayathri and 
Moola manthram is used next to consecrate 
the annam for the antharyAmi nivEdhanam . 

Next is circling of the bhOjana paathram 
with water , while reciting VyAhruthis.
This is followed by the Rishi , Chandas ,
DevathA vandhanams:

"PrAnAgnihOthra manthrasya , BrahmA Rishi:
 anushtup chandha: VaisvAnAgnir dEvathA"

Touch the tumbler of water with left hand and
use the water (arghya theertham) to perform 
ParishEchanam with the manthram ,
"Sathyam thvarthEna parishinchAmi".

Next receive the paadhya Theertham from AarAdhanam 
on the right side of the served annam and consume
it as aachamaneeyam after reciting " amruthOpastharaNamasi".
This is called "Aapasa+ asanam "(aapOsanam).

Next , take three fingers full of annam from 
the east , south , west , north and center 
regions of the annam served one at a time .Place it in
the mouth one at a time and swallow it with the recitation
of the 5 manthrams "(Pranavam) PrANAya svAha" et al.

This annam served should be suddhAnnam and should 
not have any adnmixture of salt , spice or sour 
items. This is called SuddhAnna PrANAhUthi.
( That is why we do not consume Chappaatthi
et al , which have the admixture of salt and ghee ).
Swallow with out biting the individual portions
of annam.Some say "PrANAya idham na mama et al
for the 5 swallowing.Ghee should not be served
directly again during bhOjanam .

At the conclusion of BhOjanam , you arrive at 
the UttharAbhOsanam stage.Mounam should be observed as 
much as possible during bhOjanam.With the Paadhya Theertham
served, drink half in cupped palm with recitation of
"amruthApithA namasi and leave the rest thru finger tips
on to the north or south of the leaf .

After that, clean your hands with water and then
rinse your mouth a few times (16 times in dharma 
Saasthrams).Achamanam follows.There are few other
manthrams recited and procedures followed after 
that, which ends with:

angushtamAthr: PurushOangushtancha SamAsritha:
Eesa: sarvasya Jagadha: Prabhu PreeNAthi Visva Bhuk .

This may sound long , but with practise , you
will find this goes fast. 

Best wishes,

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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