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Q&A session this Saturday with Sri Rangapriya Swami

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 14:27:02 PST

[ My apologies if you see this announcement multiple times ]

SrImate rangapriya mahAdeSikAya namaH

Dear Devotees,

We are making this next session with Sri Rangapriya Swami
free of charge; of course, donations are requested as 
each session costs us over $100 to host.

The conference information is reproduced below. 
Please do join this Saturday morning.

   TOPIC:        Questions & Answers with Sri Rangapriya Swami

   DATE           : February 24, 2001 (SATURDAY MORNING)
   TIME           : 6:30 am Pacific / 9:30 am Eastern 
   PHONE NUMBER   : 512-225-3000
   ACCESS CODE    : 63987 #

This is an open Q&A session, first focussing on Swami's
last lecture introducing the Vedas, and then open to
all other questions. You can hear the previous lecture online 


1) About a minute or two before the lecture, dial
   the phone number. You will be prompted to enter 
   the access code followed by the pound sign '#'.

2) You will hear a short beep which means that you have
   joined the conference.  If you are early, you will hear
   silence, or other people chatting.
   If you dial in late, you may hear the lecture already
   in progress.

3) Sometimes there are problems getting a good connection
   to India. Please be patient as the organizers try to
   establish a good connection.

4) Please be considerate and observe silence while the lecture 
   is in progress. 

   At any time, press '*6' to mute your line.
   Pressing '*6' again will unmute your line.

5) If you are using an Internet telephone service such as, you MUST mute your line immediately and
   by pressing '*6' to prevent unwanted noise from distorting
   the conference.  You must also reduce the volume of 
   your microphone to zero.

   If you wish to ask a question of Swami, please call using 
   a regular phone during the Q&A session.

6) If you need to contact me, my phone number is 415-665-1720.
   Please do not call during the conference. 

7) If you are not on a cheap long distance plan, you can 
   use the dialaround number 10-10-636 which will give you
   a 5c/minute rate. (If you live in Texas, use 10-10-811 
   instead.) This method will route your call through an 
   alternate long distance carrier (ClearChoice Comm). 
   The charges will appear on your local telephone bill.

SrI rangapriya svAmi SrIpAda-reNu,
Mani (


To cover our costs, we are asking for a donation per 
family. Please make a donation by one of the following means.

    * Credit Card (MC/Visa) -- Payment can be made on-line 
      in a matter of seconds with a credit card
      at .  
      The system is foolproof and secure, and none of us ever sees
      your credit card number.  You will immediately receive
      a receipt acknowledging payment.

    * Check -- If you prefer to pay by check, please mail your 
      payment made out to "SMSA, Inc." to the following address:

        c/o Nagu Satyan
        7821 W. Alder Drive
        Littleton, CO 80128-5522

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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