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essence of bhaja govindam.

From: varadarajan chari (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 18:30:25 PST

pranams to everybody.
I am Radha Varadarajan,20 yers of age. and I am deeply moved by M.S.
subbalakshmi's bhaja govindam.
but, im not very sure of its inner meaning. although, i can guess that it has
a lot of depth and philosophy attched to it, i couldnt quite make out its
actual word to word meaning. i did search for some books, but then i thought
this egroup should be able to help me out in appreciating this great piece of
i would be very grateful if any of you could write to me about bhaja
govindam's meaning in detail to me.
thank you all,
seeking your blessings,

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