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Re: Digest Number 261

From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 07:51:05 PST

	The following doubts may kindly be clarified : 
>	1.	Kshiraabdi (Thru Paal Kadal) and Vaikundam are referred to
>be one of the DDs,
>		which is  Lord Sriman Narayanan's PERMANENT abode,
>		the former or the later.  If later,  then can we infer that
>Thri Paal Kadal as   
>		His Office and Vaikundam as his residence.  Where do our
>Aacharyas reside 
>		(who attained Paramapadam -- again, the former or later)
>		where do we reach ultimately (i.e., the attainer of Moksha)
>after death.
>		This doubt sounds silly, but still..................

Srimad Venkata lakshmana Yativaraya namah.
Sri Rukmini sameta Parthasarathy parabrahmane namah.

dear Sriman Narayanan,

Thirupparkadal is accessible to Brahma, Siva et al. while thirunAdu is not. only muktas can go there.
>	>	
>	3.	What is Goddess Lakshmi's Vahanam, people in North India say
>		Aandhai (Owl) is Her Vahanam.  Is it true or a rumour ??

It is a rumour. Whatever vAhanma He takes, She also takes the same thing. So Her primary vAhanam is garudan. ref. "vAhanam vEdAtmA vihagESwarO" of Alawandar in kAntA chatuSSlOkI.

Lakshmi Sahasranamam from Skanda purAnam also describes Her as "garudOpari samsthitA". It also says  "simhagA vyAghragA dEvI vAyugA cha mahAdrigA" wherein lion, tiger, air and mountain are mentioned as Her vAhanams. I have also heard priests saying "rAjahamsAdhirUdhAyai rAjyalakshmaicha mangaLam" which makes Her hamsa vAhinI. Interestingly perumAL also has hamsa vAhanam during brahmOtsavam.


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