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re puri kshethram discusions

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 21:15:42 PST

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,
Re discussion going on in the list on puri kshethram. Here is my one paise
The word puri in tamil has more than one meaning
Puri in verb form has a meaning "do" "sei" (ordering a person to carry out
some work) - to tell in tamil grammar it is "Eval"- "kadavuLukku sevai
purinthaayaa? Have you done service to the Lord?
Puri in noun form is "town" - example "simhapuri" as our Singapore friends
name their place in their mails.
Puri in noun form has another meaning "turning" like "valam puri" or "idam
puri" meaning right turn or left turn.
Actually "puri" the place in Orissa state where my beloved Krishna resides
is called the "jagannaatham" or "jagannaatha kshethram" in Sri vaishnava
paribhaashai and not as puri.
What Sriman Sadagopan swamy said as "poori" is also partially not correct,
since long time back [at least 10 years if I remember correct], the name of
the town is changed to puri by the Orissa government. [like Madras is
changed to Chennai, Mumbai and few others with kolkata the latest]. 
On the pan cake poori I will not comment since it is not relevant to the
topic on puri.
Puri in samskrit means a town, a river, a fortress, a castle, a city, a
place containing large buildings surrounded by a ditch, the female
apartments, a house, an abode, residence, receptacle an upper storey of a
building etc  [Refer Samskrit English dictionary by Monier williams page 635
puri - 2 pura] 
Sriman Sundararajan writes "I am distressed --Does not the 'sampradhaayam'
merit greater attention and preparation?"
Language is a means to understand any sampradhaayam and the merits of it. 
"Arulichcheyals" have been retained and passed on to us through the medium
of language. So any doubts on the language front, have to be cleared first,
to fully understand realise, and carry there after the impact of the
Greater attention on the sampradhaayam comes once the full purport and
impact of words used in the sampradhaayam is understood, then realised and
then practised. So such genuine doubts have to be cleared across in the
On the preparation front, I agree with Sundararajan. Perhaps Sri Malolan
could have checked with in private mail on this, instead of sending to the
Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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