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Re: Badarayana

From: K. Sadananda (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 03:14:31 PST

>We belong to Badarayana ( Sage VyAs is known as Badarayanar )  gotram

Just one question to the learned members of the list.  Is the author 
of Brahmasuutra, Sage Badaraayana the same as Vyaasa Bhagavaan?  I 
know most of the bhaashyakaara-s equate the two as one.  But as one 
finds it in the Brahmasuutra the criticism of not only saankhya and 
yoga but also Bouddha and Jaina matams which puts the time of 
suutrakaara to post-Buddha period.  In fact the dialectic arguments 
in Buddhism did not start till around Naagarjuna period.  When we 
think of Vyaasa Bhagavaan we think of pre-historic at least 5000 
years ago.  The equation of Sage Baadaraayana with Vyaasa Bhagavaan - 
is it done to uplift the status of Brahmasuutra  to the 
prasthaanatrayam- If not how can one account for the criticism of the 
post-Buddha philosophies.  I am aware of the Giita sloka in 13th 
Ch.-that has some reference to bharmasuutra - There the 
interpretation could be also something other than the Baadaraayana 
suutra-s.  Any thoughts on this?

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