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Re: Is Puri a Divya Desam??

From: Tirumanjanam Sundara Rajan (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 07:33:59 PST

I am distressed that the correspondent has rushed to cite the
'aruLi-c-cheyal' scripture in this fanciful manner.   The 'puree' in
Jagannath-puri is a Sanskrit word signifying a seat, an abode, a city.  
The 'puri' in "puri-Sankham" is a Tamil word for the groove
found on conch-shells.   The two (and the third, the pancake 'puri') may
sound like homonyms, but are not.

I also regret that several postings on bhakti-list purporting to discuss
profound issues reflect this level of language equipment.
Does not the 'sampradayam' merit greater attention and preparation ?

aDiyEn Ramanuja-dAsan,
Sundara Rajan.

Malolan Cadambi wrote:  I remember coming across a mention of the divya
desam in some of the paasurams of moonRam thiruvanthadi of pey

> There are specific(?) mentions about Puri in this prabandham. But traditionally puri is not included in the list of 108 Divya Desams.
> 2282
> thirukkaNdEn ponmEni kaNdEn, thikazum
> arukkan aNin^iRamum kaNdEn, - serukkiLarum
> ponnaazi kaNdEn *puri* sangam kaikkaNdEn,
> ennaazi vaNNanpaal inRu. (2)                            1
> There are a few other paasurams with the word puri.
> I also heard that there is a mention in Rig Vedam about the sthala puranam of Jagannathar Koil.
> I seek inputs/clarifications from bhagavatas on this topic.
> Malolan Cadambi

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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