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Devas and Immortality

From: Harini Raghavan (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 16:51:29 PST

Dear members,


I have a question regarding the immortality of Devas after their consumption 
of the Amrutam. I have made some assumptions and I dont know whether I am 
right assuming them.

I am assuming that
(*) immortality on consuming amrutam is in the literal sense.
(*)Devas are higher beings and can meet Lord Vishnu directly etc, but have 
not attained mOksham and they are subject to rules of karmA.

If these are wrong all my questions are wrong. And if so, what does 
immortality on consuming amrutam actually signify?

It is said that Devas consumed Amrutam after the churning of the ocean and 
the Lord Himself helped them obtain that telling them that they would become 
immortal. I presume this means that the body they possess will never be 
perished as the soul is eternal anyhow.

(*)First of all why did the Lord Himself not want them to lose their 
materialistic body ?

(*)Doesn't this mean that they will remain Devas always? (And also how much 
ever they sin they remain Devas - karmA doesnt come to play a role?) And 
also does it mean once they attain mOksham they are going to have the same 

(*)This being the case will the same ones (same jIvAtmAs) occupy positions 
of Indra etc after each pralayam etc (If we have the same set of beings then 
also)Then if thats the case how will they reach the Lord - or they keep 
doing their duty, but have been liberated ?

Thank You,

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