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Re: Is Puri a Divya Desam??

From: Balaji Krishnan (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 19:47:03 PST

Dear Sri Malolan,

Puri is not a Divya dEsam.

I'm afraid you've wrongly interpretted pEyAzhwAr's pAsuram.

As part of describing about his experience on what he saw in Him,
Azhwar says " ... (I) saw Chakram and Shanku on His hand ...".

"sangam" means Shanku (is it mussel in English?). As we all know, 
each sanku has an orientation with respect to its spiral formation. 
Lord's Sanku is also called "valam puri sankam", meaning "the 
shanku which has the orientation on the right side".

"Puri" being a common word in Tamil, it may not be a surprise
to have the word referred in a few places in prabandham. But
it may not be right to take those places as a reference for
Jagannatha temple in Orissa.


Malolan Cadambi wrote:
> sri:
> srimathe raamanujaya namaha:
> Dear Bhaktas,
> I remember coming across a mention of the divya desam in some of the paasurams of moonRam thiruvanthadi of pey alwar.
> There are specific(?) mentions about Puri in this prabandham. But traditionally puri is not included in the list of 108 Divya Desams.
> 2282
> thirukkaNdEn ponmEni kaNdEn, thikazum
> arukkan aNin^iRamum kaNdEn, - serukkiLarum
> ponnaazi kaNdEn *puri* sangam kaikkaNdEn,
> ennaazi vaNNanpaal inRu. (2)                            1
> There are a few other paasurams with the word puri.
> I also heard that there is a mention in Rig Vedam about the sthala puranam of Jagannathar Koil.
> I seek inputs/clarifications from bhagavatas on this topic.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Adiyen Ramanuja Daasan,
> Malolan Cadambi
> "Jayatu Jayatu DevO DevakI NandanOyam"
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