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New member

From: K.N.Venkataraman (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 19:21:38 PST

:: Sri GuruBhyoh Namah ::

My name is Karimanasseri Narayanan Venkataraman Sarma - KNV
Sarma for short.  At home I am known as 'Balaji' - my wife
Madhavi and I live in Ottawa, Canada - we were in touch
with some friends in Toronto who told us about this group's

I feel privileged to join this Satsangam  as a serious
seeker, with an Attitude of Gratitude. I am grateful to all
of you for sharing the holy thoughts and enabling younger
seekers like me surrender fully at the feet of the master,
GuruVaayoorappan, Sriman Naaraayana.  

With the eagerness of a new member I am starting my
participation - I had the opportunity to be asked the
following and I put it to the group for further

1. "Is the surrender at the feet of the Lord Naaraaayana
more sublime, more important, more necessary than a
surrender to one's ['Janma Hetu'] - parents, and one's

2. Can surrender be of differing shades - i.e., the
surrender to the Lord being the highest form of surrender
and all other surrendering being of lower nature?

3. Can a surrender to the Lord without the blessings of
one's parents and Sadguru result in Liberation?

I am asking these for my own benefit as also for those
having doubts on these matters.

::Sri GuruVaayoorappan SsaraNam::

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