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From: K Balaji (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 03:07:18 PST

Dear BhAgavatAs,

After reading a member's query on Gotrams and corresponding link provided by
Sh. V Sadagopan I seek few more clarifications on Gotrams.

We belong to Badarayana ( Sage VyAs is known as Badarayanar )  gotram and
very few people are known to us in this gotram ( so far I know only my
father, myself and my two paternal uncles and their sons and  one or two
more relatives).  For this gotram we follow the same pravaram as given for
Shatamarshana gotram and not as given in the list or in the lifco
publications (Aankirasa,Paarshadaswa, Raatitara). Since my grandfather
expired in my father's childhood age, pravarm was not known to my father. So
he followed elders advice in this regard. Irnonically during my father's
upanayanam vAdyar uttered his gotram's pravaram to complete the rituals as
there was no one to spell out the correct pravaram and my father continued
to follow that  until few years back when he happened to read  in  a book
that shatamarshana gotram was branched out from Badarayana gotram during
Thathachar period.  So my father  decided to follow the original pravaram
 AAnkirasa, Powrukutsa,Traasatasya) of Badarayana as taken by Shatamarshana
and till today we are following this.

Now we  seek help from members to clarify on

 what is the correct pravarm for Badarayana gotram?
Should we continue to follow the so called original Badarayana pravaram or
we should follow as given in the list.

Or members with this gotram can give us details of what they follow


Balaji K

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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