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Re: Inputs for CD ROMs : Part X.1--> Madhura Kavi AzhwAr

From: venkatakrishnan santhanagopalan (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 00:54:30 PST

Dear all,

I have a small doubt with regard to the birth thithi mentioned below. As i 
know, the chithrai nakshatram in the month of chithrai falls on full moon 
day( pournami thithi) or the worse a day before or after pournami. That is 
the reason why the month got the name. In that case, i don't understand how 
the thithi on alwar's birthday can be ekadasi, which is atleast 3 days away.

Can anyone please let me know the rationale behind this.


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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