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re nachchiyar thirumozhi- XII- pasuram 12.3

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 04:07:49 PST

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer

I read Smt. Kalyani Krishnamachari's [KK] writeup, which is a class, as
always, on "nAcciyAr tirumozhi XII- maRRu irundIrgaTku 3 pASuram 12.3. 

When Smt KK wrote as additional thoughts from PVP "This yasOdai is also a
woman like us; there is no point blaming her for not bringing up kaNNan
right. nandagOpar has the duty as a father to bring Him up with strict
discipline, yet could not do it in spite of having the power to do so", It
clicked somewhere in me and the result is the following "add on comments". 

KK added further
"kuRumbu SeyvAn Or maganaip peRRa: SrI nandagOpar did nOnbu and got a son to
defeat and conquer those who do mischief in his land. Because he did nOmbu
and got kaNNan, he is not disciplining Him, and as a result kaNNan has
become such an unruly kid doing mischief to girls. 

(SrI T. S. RajagopAlan gives the anubhavam that nanadagopan did nonbu to get
a child who will indulge in mischief in his town and delight him with his
mischief. This is exactly what he has got).  

nandagopAlan kaDait talaikkE:  SrI PVP refers us to SrI bhaTTar's aRuLic
ceyal on this term "kaDait talai".  The front of nanadagopan's house is full
of girls hurt by kRshNan, and has the appearance of the front of a poison
treatment facility where people who are stung by all kinds of poisonous
insects are lined up for treatment.  All the girls who got hurt by kaNNan
became so weak that they could not walk. They had to be brought in
stretchers and were placed in the front of nandagOpan's house in a row!" 

The points I want to add are - 
Yasodhai says to gopies when they came complaining to her about the mischief
of kaNNan "naanum uraiththilEn nandhan paNiththilan nangaigaaL naan en
seigEn?" 10 -7 -1 periya thirumozhi . 

Yes it is my fault. I have not said him, what is to be said, as a right
mother while bringing up the child, of not creating nuisance to others. I
have not controlled him from carrying out these. Neither my husband cum king
and father of that kaNNan, nandhan did command kaNNan to control such acts,
now I am helpless.

The complaint from gopies were "thanthai pugunthilan, naan ingu irunthilEn,
thOzhimaar yarum illai, chandha malark kuzhalaaL thaniyE viLaiyaadum idam
kuRugi pandhu pariththu thugil keeri padiRan padiRu seyyum nandhan
madhalaikku ingu en kadavOm?" 10- 7-5 periya thirumozhi

The reply from yasOdhai is "Maanam udaiththu ungaL aayarkulam, adhanaal
piRar makkaL thammai oonam udaiyana seyyap peraai enRu irappan,
urappagillEn, naanum uraiththilEn, nandhan paNiththilan. nangaigaaL naan en
seigEn? - 10 -7 -1 periya thirumozhi - yasodhai says "I beg to him -kaNNan -
not to cause injury, so that they become lame or so- seyyap peraai enRu
irappan. I do not command him - urappagillEn. 

Yasodhai also adds "achcham thinaithanai illai, ippiLLaikku aaNmaiyum
sevagamum uchchiyil muththi vaLarththu eduththEn" 10- 7- 12 Periya

Yes That is the way I brought him up. I have given him lot of courage,
masculinity, and commanding capability etc. I have not given him training in
not to cause nuisance to others particularly girls. So I am to be blamed.
Also nandhan my husband and his father too has failed in this.

For a direct meaning of the lines referred here, please see Sri.
MadhavakkaNNan swamin's translation of 10-7 decad. 

In my opinion, perhaps PVP considered this and added those thoughts.
Stalwarts and Learned in our bhakti group can pass comments and judgement.

Dhaasan Vasudevan  M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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