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Re: Gotrams...

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 19:33:15 PST

At 07:51 AM 2/15/01 +0530, you wrote:
>Dear Sri Sadagopan Swami,
>I would like to know the significance of Ashtaka and Avashtaka Tarpanams
>today and tomorrow. I am told the significance behind the Amavasya and
>Sankramana as the New Moon and the Entrance of the Sun into the new
>Zodiac respectively. Is there any similar astronomical significance behind
>these two days? I also heard that the two Tarpanas are mandatory only for
>those performing Tarpanams on all the 12 Sankramanas and does not apply to
>those performing Tarpanams on FOUR Sankramanas only. Is it correct? 

Dear Sri Ramadurai:

Thanks for your query .I assume that you are in India.
In that case , there are many experts there like SevA
Swamy and others , who can give a better answer.

The Ashtaki and anvashtakai are two Pithru srArdhams
on the 8th and ninth days of KrishNa Paksham in Maasi 
Month.This year it falls on Feb 15 and 16.

The sankalpam is the normal one used , which ends in
" Maathu Pithru  PithAmahapprapathAmahAnaamcha 
  varga dhvaya PithrUNAm Akshaayyaa Thrupthyartham
  Ashtakaa SrArddha Prathinithi THILA TARPANAM KARISHYE ".

For ashtakai ,  the sankalpam this year is 
" UttharAyaNE Sisirs Ruthou , Kumbha MaasE 
KrishNa Pakshe Guru Vaasara VisAka nakshathra yukthAyAm --
AshtamyAm PuNya Thithou--"

For anvashtakai , every thing same except ,
" Brughu Vaasara AnurAdhA Nakshathra YukthAyAm--"

Manu Smruthi (4.150) commands us to the Ashtakai and
Anvashtakai SrArddhams for the Pithrus .Ashtakai means 
the eighth day of KrishNa paksham ( Ashtami).Anvashtakai 
refers to the TarpaNam done on the next day (Navami) 
during the Month of Maasi (Maaga Maasam). Two more Ashtakais 
and Anvashtakais are recommended in the lunar months of 
Pousham and PhAlgunam ( Dec-Jan  and Feb-March). You have to 
observe your family's sampradhAyam. 

Hope this helps,
New York , USA    


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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