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Re: Swadharma

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 05:27:55 PST

Dear Sri Aravind,

I would like to join Sri Madhavakannan in expressing my
compliments to you on your insightful question, as it really
holds a mirror to all of us.  Be that as it may, however, I have
to say with some regret that except for the fortunate few, most
of us will never be able to live a life in which we can clearly
say that we are following our swadharma.  Given that this is
case, I think it is important that we now make an effort to
redirect our feelings of guilt and helplessness towards a more
positive direction, one that will allow us to recognize
SriVaishnavam as a more universal spiritual experience that
benefits both the individual and society as a whole.

The fundamental basis for following SriVaishnavam lies in the
recognition that all this, this world, the beings who dwell here,
the conditions, codes and  ambiguities that form it, really
belong solely to Sriman Narayana, and under HIs Careful
Direction.  Consequently, whatever opportunities that are being
given to us are His Loving Gift to us, and are based on what He
feels is best for us.  Our is but to accept these gifts, and as
they really only belong to Him, utilize them for His Service.
Putting this into practical application requires cultivating 3
fundamental qualities that our AzhwArs and AchAryas have

1.  Wholeheartedly knowing and accepting Sriman Narayana as the
sole object of our adoration and sole means of sustenance and
eventual salvation
2.  Seeking out the company of His devotees and serving them in
the mood of adoration to Him
3.  Recognizing the Divine Nature of all things that leads to a
sense of love, compassion and friendship to all beings, and the
sincere desire that they too should find the joy of serving His
Lotus Feet.

Such an attitude of humility, faith, service and friendship is
universal, whether one is a devout Brahmin living in a divya
dEsam, a student in BITS, or an engineer in the USA.    It is, of
course, nurtured through the practice of prescribed obligatory
duties, such as sandhya vandanam, as they are the direct means by
which we can serve Him.  But, it should involve the same
dedication to our secular duties as a means to His Service, as
well, for these duties allow us to use our talents to benefit the
world around us.

This ideal of service to God, His devotees, and His world really
can only be best understood and best experienced under the kind
direction and guidance of an AchAryan.   But, based on personal
experience and those of others, I have found that the AchAryan
really only comes to you, you really do little to seek him.  Up
until that time, though, seek out the company and wisdom of
bhAgavathas through personal contact and through electronic
forums such as this one, and make a conscious effort to operate
from a mood that whatever you are doing, you are doing in His

I wish you continued success in your material and spiritual

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
mohan raghavan

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Subject: Swadharma

> Om Vishnave Namaha
> Namaskars,
> In Srimad Bhagavath Gita, Krishna ParamAthmA says one
> should be involved in one's own Swadharma and should
> not get involved in the activities not prescribed to
> him. Here I would like to have some clarifications. I
> am a Brahmin (Sri Vaishnava) and I have my own
> Swadharma. But I am not doing my duty of approaching
> my AchArya for Enlightenment. As a Brahmin my
> Swadharma is to engage myself full time for spiritual
> progress and learn about Him through AchArya's grace.
> But I am not doing this. I am a final year student of
> BITS,Pilani and next year will proceed for Atomic
> Research. So I am moving miles away from my Swadharma!
> I don't do anything other than daily reciting
> ThirupallAndu, Vishnu Sahasranam, Hayagriva slokam and
> Sundarakandam(kanto 36). Nothing more! I feel very
> guilty of not following His advice in Gita. I don't
> think I will get chance to learn directly  from
> AchAryas. I would like to have advise from you all.
> Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha.
> AdiyEn,
> Aravind Gopalan.
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