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Re: Srirangam Araiyar Nathamuni.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 06:45:27 PST

Dear Sriman Sundara Rajan Swamy:

Thanks very much for such a moving tribute 
about a great Mahan blessed with mahA Kaimkarya
BhAgyam for Lord RanganAthan . He has now reached 
the sacred feet of the Lord in His nithya VibhUthi.
It is very important for all the BhakthAs to know
about the greatness of such souls dedicated to the Lord's 
niravadhya Kaimkaryam .The Lord of Srirangam 
has heard Sri Naathamuni Arayar's ViNNappam ,
enjoyed the KoNDAttam of His PuRappAdu for many
number of years and has invited the revered Arayar 
back to His aasthAnam in Srivaikuntam.

It is wonderful to know more about the Arayar Sevai
at Srirangam through your informative postings.
Thanks again.

Archaneeyasccha Vandhyasccha KeerthanIyasccha SARVADHAA
dhyAyEth japaEth namEdh BhakthyA BhajEdh abhyARCHAyEnmudhA
UpAyO upEya BhAvEna TAMEVA SaraNam vrajEth

RaamAnuja Daasan , V.SaThakOpan 

At 04:09 AM 2/8/01 +0530, you wrote:
>***Srirangam Araiyar Nathamuni.***
>Araiyar Nathamuni svami passed away on Saturday, January 27, 2001, in
>his tiru-mALikai (residence) in East Uttara Street, Srirangam.  He was
>69 and the distinguished leader of what may be termed as the
>'convocation of Araiyars'. 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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