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nAcciyAr tirumozhi XII maRRu irundIrgaTku 3

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 17:08:11 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI ra’ngamannAr tiruvaDigaLE

                           nAcciyAr tirumozhi XII–
maRRu irundIrgaTku 

pASuram 12.3 (twelfth tirumozhi – pAsuram 3 tandaiyum
tAyum )

nandagOpAlan irukkaikku ennai uyttiDumin

tandaiyum tAyum uRRArum niRkat tani vazhi pOyinAL
ennum Sollu
vanda pinnaip pazhi kAppu aridu mAyavan vandu uruk
kondaLam Akkip parakkazhittuk kuRumbu SeyvAn Or
maganaip peRRa
nandagopAlan kaDait talaikkE naLLiruT kaN ennai

A. From SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

This mAyavan is constantly coming to me in my dreams
and attracting me by showing His beautiful form.  I
cannot resist Him much longer.  If I am forced to
leave my mother, my father and all my relatives and
run on my own to gOkulam, the defamation that will
befall all of you cannot be erased after the fact.  
To avoid this defamation from happening, please take
me to the front yard of nandagOpan’s house in the
middle of the dark night and leave me there.  This is
where I will find the naughty boy who picks up fights
with the young girls, plays naughty tricks on them,
and gets them in trouble.  (If you leave me in the
darkness, the dark-hued kaNNan will come out without
being noticed by His parents and embrace me;  if you
leave me during the daylight, He will not come out of
His house because of fear of His parents, and I shall
die, and then you will be blamed for that;  but by
leaving me in the middle of the night, all these
problems can be avoided, and I can get to embrace

B. Additional thoughts from SrI PVP:

This yasOdai is also a woman like us; there is no
point blaming her for not bringing up kaNNan right. 
nandagOpar has the duty as a father to bring Him up
with strict discipline, yet could not do it in spite
of having the power to do so.  Take me to the front of
nandagOpan’s house and leave me there.

tandaiyum …. kAppu aridu:  once a pazhi or blame
occurs, it is difficult to erase it. As my parents and
relatives, you cannot just say let the blame be as it
is. Instead of striving hard to erase the blame after
it occurs, try to avoid it.  

The “pazhi” would be – gOdai left her parents and
relatives and went alone on her own way; that too, she
did not follow her nAyakan; instead, she went all by
herself on her own initiative.  If you might tell me: 
You waited for so long;  you can wait for some more
time and avoid any pazhi for us.  I did not wait for
so long because I could wait; instead, I waited hoping
you all will do something to help.  I cannot wait any
longer.  When rAmapirAn missed sItai, He did not
console Himself thinking that He is going to be with
Her anyway once He rescues Her; instead, He was sad
for missing that samslEsham with Her for ten months.

“na me duhkham priyA dUre na mE duhkham hRtEti vA |
  etadevAnuSOcAmi vayo’syA hyativarttatE             
||  (rAmAyaNam yuddhakANDam 5-5)

Make sure that His sorrowful stage does not occur to

gOdai’s parents and relatives question her – “if you
know that this would be a blemish that needs to be
avoided, why can not you wait till He comes and make
sure the blemish does not occur?” To that she says – 
His wonderful form and nIrmai guNam and other
attributes come and torture me; how can I pacify
myself by just looking at parents in place of Him? 

SrI PVP gives some examples to illustrate ANDAL’s
state of mind.  In SrI vishNu purANam (5.13.20 –22),
an incident is described wherein a gopi hears the
sound of kRshNa’s flute, and wants to run to Him, but
seeing her parents at the doorstep, feels constrained,
and so just closes her eyes and meditates on Him.  The
pleasure she derives by enjoying Him, effaces all her
puNyas;  the sorrow she feels at not being able to run
to Him, effaces her pApas., and she instantly reaches
mukti.  This is not the state in which ANDAL is. 
Instead, another gopi’s mind just became dark at the
thought that she could not run to kRshNa, and when she
lost the ability to think, this darkness of mind just
made her run to Him without worrying about anything
else around her, like her parents etc.  This is the
state in which ANDAL is.  Her feeling is comparable to
the state of mind of the gopi-s when akrUra was taking
away kRshNa from nandagopa’s place to kamsan – they
did not worry at all what their elders will think. 
When the gopi-s rush to kRshNa to stop Him from going,
 they felt:  What can these elders do to us when we
are already scorched by separation from Him?  They
thus ignored their elders and went ahead after kRshNa.
 (vishNu purANa 5.18.22). 

SrI PVP gives another anubhavam to illustrate ANDAL’s
state of mind, and refers us to periyAzhvAr’s
tirumozhi 3-6-1 – “tUvalampuri uDaiya tirumAl tUya
vAyil kuzhal OSai vazhiyE, kOvalar Sirumiyar iLam
ko’ngai kudUgalippa uDal uL avizhndengum kAvalum
kaDandu”.  Thinking that kaNNan might kidnap their
girls, the Ayars keep the girls surrounded by all
kinds of protection and safeguard them.  kaNNan plays
His flute and the vENugAnam reaches the ears of the
gOpis, crossing all the forts.  As soon as their ears
hear the kuzhal OSai, they immediately feel the
longing to reach Him.  Their breasts arouse in
anticipation of seeing Him. The gOpis are afraid
because the men folk who are guarding them might wake
up.   It seems like the raising breasts are telling
the gopi-s:  Okay, you can wait till the elders fall
asleep and then come, but we will go to Him first”. 
These are behaving like kids who don’t obey their
parents!  When the waters in a river increases in
quantity, they flow rapidly over stones and mountains
fighting all obstructions.   kaNNan’s exquisite beauty
enthralls gOdai so much that she does not care about
her parents anymore.   This is her state now.

kuRumbu SeyvAn Or maganaip peRRa: SrI nandagOpar did
nOnbu and got a son to defeat and conquer those who do
mischief in his land. Because he did nOmbu and got
kaNNan, he is not disciplining Him, and as a result
kaNNan has become such an unruly kid doing mischief to

(SrI T. S. RajagopAlan gives the anubhavam that
nanadagopan did nonbu to get a child who will indulge
in mischief in his town and delight him with his
mischief. This is exactly what he has got).  

nandagopAlan kaDait talaikkE:  SrI PVP refers us to
SrI bhaTTar’s aRuLic ceyal on this term “kaDait
talai”.  The front of nanadagopan’s house is full of
girls hurt by kRshNan, and has the appearance of the
front of a poison treatment facility where people who
are stung by all kinds of poisonous insects are lined
up for treatment.  All the girls who got hurt by
kaNNan became so weak that they could not walk. They
had to be brought in stretchers and were placed in the
front of nandagOpan’s house in a row! 

naLLiruL kaN ennai uyttiDumin:  If you leave me during
day time, He will feel shy to come out and embrace me
in front of His parents, and so might not come out.  
But if you take me to His place in the dark night, His
dark hue will blend nicely with the darkness of the
night -  “iruL anna mA mEni” (periya tiruvantAdi 26),
and He will come out and embrace me.

maganaip peRRa nandagopAlan:  He was the one who did
the nOnbu. Let him personally enjoy the evil effect of
his nonbu, by leaving me in front of his house. If you
take me in the middle of the night there, you won’t
get any blame.  Also, if you take me there in the
daytime, even nandagopAlan himself may be ashamed to
come out and meet me since his relatives and friends
will notice the whole incident. So take me in the dark
of the night.

C. Additional thoughts from SrI UV:

mAyavan …  This mAyan who is revealing Himself to me,
will one day take me away without your knowledge.
“illam veRi ODiRRAlO en magaLai engum kANEn, mallarai
yaTTavan pin pOi mathuraip puRam pukkAL kollO” or “oru
magaL tannai uDaiyEn ulagam niRainda pugazhAl
tirumagaL pOla vaLarttEn, Se’ngaNmAl tAn kONDu pOnAn”
(periyAzhvAr tirumozhi 3.1,8).  Then you will come
searching in Ayar cEri.  He is so full of mischief
that He might even leave me in the middle somewhere
and enjoy watching what you and I end up doing. 
Instead of waiting for all this to happen, please take
me to AyarpADi in front of nandagopan’s house. 

PVP= SrI periyavAccAn piLLai
PBA= SrI prativAdi bhayankaram aNNangarAcAriyAr
UV  = SrI uttamUr vIrarAghavAcAriyAr

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyeti samarpayAmi.

kalyANi kRshNamAcAri

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