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RE: Dr. N.S.AnanthrangAcchAr's Second teleupanyAsam: Jan 28 , 2001

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 17:47:37 PST

Dear sri anand,

thanks for your information.  It is very difficult for us to send such an
abstract.  The speakers themselves have little interface with us except a
few phone calls to tell them rough idea in the beginning of the series.  All
we know about this lecture of Dr. Anantha rangachar is it will be a series
focusing on : Sadhana or pathway towards moksha and how different systems of
thought deal with that issue.  Now slowly he will be talking about karmayoga
from different systems as well as gita, upanisads, vedas and how different
acharyas see karmayoga .  then jnanayoga, bhaktiyoga will be discussed.

Other than this it is tough since they talk from within and use their
experience to the fullest exten while talking.  As you know like by
listening to a few minutes of a musician's music, how we clearly come to
know the years or decades of practice that person has put forth,  it is
clear that these stalwarts bring out the essence of the hidden truths of
vedas and vedanta thru their rich experience.  It is very tough to ask them
such a synopsis since they are first of all very old - 80 years, and it is a
strain for them to give us information. Further they have hundreds of such
lectures and other busy "kalakshepa" or "traditional classical teaaching
sessions" going on regularly.  I know that these teachers have taught 100s
of people in great depths.

anyway,  If I get any information, I will post it.

adiyen Krishna Kalale

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Is it possible to post an asbtract of such talks in
advance? I did join in on the last talk but I was
rather late. Still, what I heard was most informative
and I look forward to more such conferences.


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