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Tirunakshatram of Sri Rangapriya Mahadesikan

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 12:41:43 PST

         Srimate rangapriya mahadeSikAya nama:

Dear Bhaktas,

This is to inform fellow disciples and admirers of 
Sri Sri Rangapriya Mahadesikan that the revered acharya's
tirunakshatram is today, Friday, Feb 9, makha nakshatram.
Reproduced below is the taniyan of Sri Rangapriya Swami,
as well as a brief biography contributed by Sri A. Bharat
of Bangalore, a fellow sishya of Swami.

      SrIranga-yogivara-divya-kRpAtta-yogam |
      rangapriyam mama gurum SaraNam prapadye ||

   In my guru Sri Rangapriya,
      whose burden of protection was placed with
         the Lord by the glorious sannyasi Sri Srinivasa 
      who received instruction in yoga through the 
         divine compassion of the best of yogis,
         Sri Srianga Mahaguru;
      who was given the insignia of the sannyAsa-ASrama
         through the compassion of Sri Abhinava Ramanuja
   I take refuge. 


Sri Rangapriya Swami in his poorvasrama was known as Sri
H.S. Varadadesikacharyar and hails from Hedathale in Mysore
District.  When he was five years old he was taken by his parents
to Sri Poundrikapuram Andavan, Sri Srinivasa Mahadesikan, who was
immediately struck by the tejas on the features of the little boy
predicted a great future for him in the spiritual field. HSV was
attracted to Sri Sriranga Mahaguru of the same town who possessed
great yogic powers and became his sishya in all spiritual
matters.  Having no interest in mundane world affairs he became a
naishthika brahmachari.  But he was taught by Sriranga Guru that
this world was as much a manifestation of the Lord's activities
as the inner world, and that one should not be relinquish it
completely but should try to bring it in line with the intention
of the Lord in creating it. The ancient rishis had evolved a way
of life and education on these lines and both Sriranga Mahaguru
and our Swami devoted all their mundane activities to bring back
that ideal society.

Having completed Vidwat in Sanskrit, he was for some time
teaching English in a school in Mysore District. After coming to
Bangalore he found that he needed an MA for eligibility to teach
in a college.  So purely as a matter of form he obtained an MA in
Sanskrit from Sagar University, and taught Sanskrit at National
College until he retired.  Then he took sanyasa and also took
over the spiritual activities of the Ashtanga Yoga Mandira
started by his guru.

I learnt Sanskrit and philosophy from him 35yrs back and have
been in touch learning the Visishtadvaita texts.

On the personal level, in knowledge, anushtana, compassion and
reasonableness there is no one to equal him. He has no enemies
and he has never spoken ill of anyone.  he has however bewailed
the fights that go on between our sects and at various times used
his efforts to create more friendliness. He was offered the head
postion of Parakala Mutt but refused as it would have interfered
with his spiritual activities.  His sishyas are legion and are
spread all over the world.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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