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Apastamba Grhyasutra
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 11:30:12 PST

Here is a note on the 'Tatparyadarshana' commentary on the Apastamba 
Grhyasutra by Sudarsanasuri. I have NOT summarized the text, since 
such an endeavor is meaningless for such works. Only some random notes 
for general information


Shastri, A. Mahadeva; Apastamba Grhya Sutra with the Commentary of Sri 
Sudarsanacarya; Oriental Research Institute Series-160, Oriental 
Research Institute, Mysore; 1987. Reprint of first edition in 1896

Sudarasana Suri wrote a lucid commentary entitled 'Tatyparyadarshana' 
on the Apastamba Grhyasutras. The author not only explains the meaning 
of the words of the sutras, but also introduces topics related to 
subject under discussion. He often quotes varying interpretations of 
the sutras (notably those of Haradatta) and refutes them. Suri seems 
to be following the interpretation of Kapardiswamin, whom he salutes 
in the introductory verses as a knower of the meaning and a 
commentator of the Vedas. Kapardiswamin's commentary on the Apastamba 
Grhyasutra is no longer extant (although his interpretations of the 
sutra and points not treated in detail in the sutras are available as 
a collection of verses called the Kapardi Karikas). In fact, at the 
end of his commentary on Patala IV of the Sutra, Sudarsana Suri 
indicates that Kapardi Bhashya was rare even in his own days. As in 
his other works, Sudarsana Suri quotes a number of Vedic and other 
texts in his commentary- Taittiriya Samhita/Brahmana/Aranyaka, 
Taittiriya Kandanukramani, Taittiriya Pratisakhya, Aitareya Brahmana, 
Manusmriti, Yajnavalkya Smriti, Baudhayana Grhyasutra, Gautama 
Dharmasutra, Vasishtha Dharmasutra, Apastamba Paribhasha, Apastamba 
Srautasuta, Apastamba Dharmasutra, Hiranyakeshin Grhyasutra, 
Bharadvaja Grhyasutra, Katyayana Srautrasutra, Asvalayana Grhyasutra, 
Vishnu Smrit, Daksha Smriti, Brhaspati Smrti, Laugakshi Smriti, Vyasa 
Smriti, Brihatprachetasa Smrti, Nirukta, Ashtadhyayi, Ganapatha, Purva 
Mimamsa Sutra, Vishnu Purana, Tantravarttika of Bhatta Kumarila, 
Smrtyarthasara, Bharuchi's Manubhashya. Kapardi is quoted by name 
under sutra 1.7 alone and as Bhashykara under 20.5 etc. but it is 
clear that elsewhere too, Sudarshana Suri is indebted to Guhadeva, 
especially when reviewing alternate interpretations of the sutras.
Sudarsanasuri wrote a bhashya on the Apastambamantrapatha as well. 
This collection of Mantras is pre-supposed by Apastamba Grhyasutra. 
According to the Kandanukramani, the Mantrapatha is an integral 
portion of the Taittiriya Veda (as 'Ekagnikanda') but currently, it 
forms two Prasnas between the Srautasutra and Grhyasutra of Apastamba.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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