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Regarding Muktinath Tour

From: Srihari Raghavan (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 06:45:51 PST

Dear all,
  Adiyen is a new member of this group. My name's
Srihari Raghavan and I am a graduate student at
Virginia Tech. Namaskarams to all.
  God willing, I am planning take my parents to
Muktinath this summer, when I go to India. As my
parents are somewhat old (56 - 60 yrs), I would like
to make it a comfortable trip for them. I would like
some details regarding the same. If anybody has gone
to Muktinath, can you please guide me regarding this?

  1. Is Muktinath, the place identified as Sri
Salagrama in Nalayira Divya prabandam?
  2. I am planning the trip during Jun-Jul. Is the
shrine open at this time?
  3. I heard that there are helicopter services
available. Can you pl. give me some more details?
  4. I am planning to visit only Muktinath this time
(due to time constraints and due to my parents age),
so is there any tour operators offering only Muktinath
  5. Trekking is almost impossible for my parents, but
for a few days it might be alright.
If anyone can suggest some tour operators or
experiences, it would be a great help for me.

Srihari Raghavan 

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