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Sri Satyagalam and Swamy Deshikan - Part 1

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Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 07:17:39 PST

ShrimatAm Sri VAdihamsAmbudAchArya samyami sArvabhouma divya katAksha labdha
sArvajna Shrimataam Shri Ghantaavataaram Kavitaarkikasimha Sarvatantra
Swatantra Vedaantaachaarya Sri Thooppul Nigamaanta Maha Deshikaaya Namaha

	The celebrated acharya kshetram of Sri Satyagalam, a small village
at about 150 kms from Bangalore is very significant and holy place in the
Sri Vaishnavite world. This because of the fact that Swamy Deshikar, the
greatest vaishnava acharya after Bhagavad Ramanuja lived in this village for
many years. A small history of Swamy Deshikar's association with this
kshetram is presented below.

This is a mini series with three parts.
Part - 1 - Background
Part - 2 - Swamy Deshikan's visit to Satyagalam and Abhitistavam
Part - 3 - Satyagalam after Swamy Deshikan and in recent times, along with
photographs of "ninRa Swamy Deshikar" and "Sri Koorma PeeTam"

Part - 1


	It was 1327 A.D, a black year in the history of Arangam. The temple
town of Thiruvarangam was about to be attacked by Malik kafur, the head of
the army of the Sultan.
	Fear spread among the vaishnavites in the town, regarding the safety
of the archai of their beloved Aranga. It was a time when the acharya peetam
of SriRangam was headed by Sri Sudarshana Bhattar. Sri Pillai lOkaachaaryar
and our beloved Swami Deshikan were also present in Arangam at that time.
	Plans were made to safeguard the temple and its belongings even at
the cost of one's life. Their main aim was then to rescue the archai of
Aranga from the wicked attackers.
	As per the plan, utsavar Azhagiya manavaalan was moved out of the
sannidhi. A huge wall was raised in front of the reclining archai of Aranga.
A dummy look-alike was created and placed in front of that wall. At the
thaayar sannidhi, the icons were placed in a huge pit dug in front of the
sannidhi and dummies were put in place of the originals.
	The second plan of action was to move the utsavar Azhagiya
manavaalan from Arangam to Thirupathi. Though our Swami Deshikan wanted to
accompany Aranga to Thirupathi, he could not do so, as he had to execute the
third and very important plan of action. He had to protect the great work
"Shrutha prakaashika", a work comprising of hand written notes on Sri
Bhaashyam, recorded by Sri Sudarshana Bhattar on palm leaves and was the
only authentic commentary available on the Sri Bhaashyam of Bhagavad
Ramanujar at that time.

Note - Shrutha prakaashika is a great work done by Sri Sudarshana Bhattar.
Sri Sudarshana Bhattar was a student of Sri Nadaadoor Ammaal. Sri Nadadoor
Ammaal used to deliver Sri Bhaashya kaalaksepams along the inner praakaaram
of Sri Varadaraja Perumal sannidhi at Kanchipuram. Sri Sudarshana Bhattar,
used to take down notes during these kaalakshepams and later compiled them
into a great work called Shrutha prakaashika.

	Swamy Deshikan also had to protect the two young sons of Sri
Sudarshana Bhattar, Sri Paraankusha Bhattar and Vedaachaarya. Swamy Deshikan
then took the manuscripts of Shrutha prakaashika from Sri Sudarshana Bhattar
and promised him that he shall at all times protect that manuscript and it
shall always be close to his heart. Many people like Sudarshana Bhattar etc
could not leave Arangam due to old age. Sri Sudarshana Bhattar had advised
Swamy Deshikan to protect himself and the manuscripts at any cost. He wished
that there should be atleast one person who could continue to light the
world with the wisdom of Ramanuja.
	Along with the sons of Sri Sudarshana Bhattar and many other
desciples our Swami Deshikan then begins journey northwards. But by that
time, the army had already entered the temple town. Many great people were
massacred. The temple town was looted and ransacked. Swamy Deshikan and his
followers spent the night by hiding among corpses and at day-break made
their way out of Arangam. On the way they hid the great work Shrutha
prakaashika of Sri Sudarshana Bhattar in a pit dug along the banks of river
Kaveri and marked the place so that they could retrieve it later.

Note - This incident where Swamy Deshikan successfully rescued the great
work Shrutha prakaashika, has been celebrated in many of the works on Swamy

Deshika Mangalaashaasanam

shrutaprakAshikA bhUmou vyEnAdou parirakshitA
pravartitAcha pAtrEshu tasmai shrEshTAya mangaLam

When there was disturbance due to Thurushkars (Muslims) Swamy Desikan not 
only protected the Sruthaprakaasika - the commentary on Sri Bhashyam, 
written by Sri Sudharsana bhattar, Swamy Desikan also propagated the same 
through learned scholars (by teaching them). MangaLam to Swamy.

Deshika Gadyam

sudarsana-soori virachitha srutha-prakAsikA pari-rakshaNa 
pari-sodhana prathi-pAdhana pari-bruTa

You carefully protected, critically reviewed and clearly explained
the contents of "Srutha prakAsika", the great work of  Sudarsana Soori.


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