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English Discourse by Shri U. Ve Velukudi Krishnan

From: Subha N (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 18:29:05 PST


By God's Grace I had the opportunity to listen to Shri
Velukudi Krishnan swami's TeleUpanyasam last week. I
want to thank Shri Krishnan swamigal and everybody who
arranged this. It was very heart-warming and
soul-stirring. We all look forward to more such

I would like to make a suggestion if I may...

I felt this discourse was targeted at people in their
late teens or early twenties like me, who probably
have already had an introduction to Shri Vaishnavism. 
I know it would be difficult for a scholar of such
high standards to probably give a more introductory
discourse targeted towards the younger children who
have a lot of questions that most adults are unable to
explain as logically as Krishnan Swami would. 
To capture the interest of younger children and
initiate them into this divine Philosophy, esp the
ones born in u.s. , would require more stories and
real-life happenings. So we can probably bring out
comics just like Amar Chitra Katha [which we all
enjoyed] about the life of the great saints of
Vaishnavism. I remember reading a very good article
about the Life of Kuresan in this bhakti list Egroup. 
These and more such articles can be brought out in the
form of CDs and comics that would a beacon of light to

Subha Narasimhan.


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