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aditya hridayam

From: sadagopan iyengar (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 16:34:26 PST

respected bhagawatas, srimad ramayana parayanam has
been a paitamaham danam in adiyen's household.we have
always been taught that aditya hridayam is not a part
of srimad ramayana, but a later addition, as its very
tone tenor and content are quite at variance with the
rest of srimad ramayana.Further, to even imply that
Sri Rama,of all people, needed to pray to one of His
own creations,for inspiration,strngth and courage , is
indeed ridiculous. "Bheeshodethi soorya:" and
Sooryachandramasow dhata yatha poorvam akalpayath" are
a couple of the upanishad vakyas that strike adiyen
offhand, which deny credibility to aditya hridayam.
One could cite any no. of slokas as internal evidence,
to contradict this.The srimad ramayana grantam adiyen
had till a few years ago indicated the aditya hridaya
sargam as"Prakshiptam". dasan,sadagopan.

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